Toronto Blue Jays Game Recaps

That was long and it ended badly, Blue Jays lose


Blue Jays 0 A's 1 (12 innings) Great pitching spoiled by no offence. I hate that Casey Janssen didn't pitch. There is no excuse to lose in extra innings with your best pitcher sitting in the pen....

Blue Jays lose a strange one


Blue Jays 1 A's 4 So that was the strangest thing thing I've seen. In the top of the second, . Blue Jays had the bases loaded, Gose grounds out to first, the first baseman, Nate Frieman, tags the...

Walk-off Homer by Edwin Encarnacion


Brewers 4 Blue Jays 7 Walk-off win. This game deserves a longer recap, we'll revisit it later. The good news is that Edwin Encarnacion hit a game winning home run in the bottom of the 9th. 2-on,...

Great start from Drew Hutchison


Blue Jays win on Canada Day. Drew Hutchison had a great start. Jose Bautista and Colby Rasmus homered.

Good start from Mark Buehrle wasted


White Sox 4 Blue Jays 0 I've rarely been so happy to see a month end. Here's to a better July! Yet again, a very good start from one of our starters is wasted by a lack of offense. Mark Buehrle...

One bad pitch, Jays lose to White Sox


White Sox 4 Blue Jays 3 A great start by Marcus Stroman ruined by one pitch from Dustin McGowan. Stroman was amazing for 6.2 innings. Until that point he had allowed 1 hit and 1 walk, with 6...

R.A. Dickey gives up 4 home runs


White Sox 5 Blue Jays 4 It seems like we leave R.A. Dickey out there 2 or 3 batters too long every start. I wish Gibby would start being a little more proactive about getting him out of there when...

Great start for J.A. Happ, Jays beat White Sox


White Sox 0 Blue Jays 7 So who had Happ throwing 124 pitches tonight? A great start for Happ, I thought Gibby left him in too long, up by 6 there is no reason to push him that far. But still a...

One bad inning costs us, Jays lose to Yankees


Yankees 5 Blue Jays 3 One bad inning cost us. So no sweep. Drew Hutchison threw 5 good innings, unfortunately he was out there for 6 innings. His bad inning was the 4th. He gave up a walk to K...

Walkoff win!!


Yankees 6 Blue Jays 7 I love walkoff wins. It shouldn't have been that close. But in the bottom of the 9th, Jose Reyes lead off with a double, Melky Cabrera put down a bunt, to move Reyes to...

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