Monday Morning Media Mashup

Oh hey, no preamble today. Blue Jays Related More to baseball than just the result - Sportsnet.caMike Wilner wrote a nice story about how his old friend caught a Jose Reyes homer and was able to...

Always the Spoiler Never the Spoiled Sunday Links

Yesterday the Jays played the role of spoiler with a come from behind win against the Orioles. On the plus side, no bullpen blow up and Casey pitched a little better than he has in a while and...

Moises Loises Ball, Jays Fall Saturday Links

There are times I enjoy watching Moises play and there is yesterday when all I could do was facepalm when Moises let a looper drop and hop over his head. Tank Nation is loving the four game losing...

Monday Morning Media Mashup

Despite completing a sweep of the lowly Minnesota Twins this weekend, the Toronto Blue Jays found themselves eliminated from the division race that they were supposed to have won when John...

Passed Out in the 4th Inning Saturday Links

A byproduct of a full day of work and a full stomach, passing out face down on a laptop keyboard on the couch is not the most comfortable position to sleep. Fortunately, my keyboard is also drool...

Back To School Friday Sept 6, 2013 Links

School's back and the Jays are playing irrelevant games in Sept. Some things haven't changed have they? It's been a tough time getting to September for your Toronto Blue Jays. Oh well. The Jays...

Love and Marriage and No Hitters Links

Hola. I'm finally enjoying a labour free Labour (take that US spelling) Day and have time to write a links post. Too bad it includes recaps of yesterday's ugly game. To be blunt the series was...

A Friday Links Post? Unpossible. Aug 30 Links

The Weekend Links Post guy returns from a one week absence. Surprisingly it had nothing to do with the awful weekend in Houston where one could have lost faith in the Jays forever, but the lousy...

Thursday BBB Links: Besting Kuroda Edition

Today's links include an absurd call for the Jays to acquire Justin Morneau, Jacoby Ellsbury's market value and an object that spins really, really, really fast.

Monday Morning Media Mashup

A weekly collection of curated Blue Jays and baseball-related readings and opinions.

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