Toronto Blue Jays Opinions

Today in Tortured Metaphors


Baseball is like a box of chocolates. No sorry, baseball is like an onion. No, baseball is like beer, hmmmm beer.

Community Projection: Colby Rasmus


I should stay off the site when I have a headache, sorry about posting Adam Lind twice. Let's do Colby Rasmus instead. Colby had a pretty good 2013, if we ignore the injuries that kept him to 118...

Community Projections: Brett Lawrie


Brett Lawrie hasn't quite had the season we've been expecting and yet, if you look at the 10 players on the 'Similar Batters through 23' list on his Baseball Prospectus page, you have a pretty good...

What would you ask at the State of the Franchise?


The Blue Jays 'State of the Franchise' is coming up on Wednesday January 29th. Media and season ticket holders can ask questions (presumably questions that have been cleared by the Jays' PR...

Community Projections: Adam Lind


Adam Lind has been a member of the Blue Jays for a long time now. He was a September call up in 2006. Bounced up and down, between Toronto and  Syracuse in 2007. He had a few unsuccessful at bats...

Blue Jays were in on Masahiro Tanaka but....


So John Lott tells us this #BlueJays bid on Tanaka, but dropped out of talks when contract length went beyond five years, source says. — John Lott (@LottOnBaseball) January 22, 2014 And...

Community Projection: Jose Bautista


For the second straight season, Jose Bautista's season was shortened by injury. I really would like the Jays to start giving him a couple of days w week at DH. He's 33, not really old, but he as...

Community Projection: Mark Buehrle


Mark Buehrle had a pretty strange 2013 season. After giving up 7 runs in the third inning of the game on May 6 against the Rays he had a 7.03 ERA and we pretty much thought he was done, time to...

Community Projections: R.A. Dickey


I think it is safe to say that R.A. Dickey didn't have the season we were hoping he'd give us. Part of it was the back and neck soreness, he fought through in the early part of the season. He may...

Community Projections: Edwin Encarnacion


Give us your best guess on Edwin Encarnacion's 2014 season.

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