Toronto Blue Jays Game Recaps

That was FUN!


Blue Jays 2 Rangers 0 Now that was fun. Drew Hutchison was absolutely amazing. He allowed just 3 hits (one hit glanced off his own glove, to lead off the bottom of the ninth, just to worry me) a...

Edwin hits 2 home runs, Jays beat Indians


Indians 2 Blue Jays 4 I didn't expect to enjoy a J.A. Happ start, but he was pretty good. He was helped by some very nice defense, Anthony Gose is so smooth in center field. I'd be willing to put...

That wasn't fun: Jays lose to Indians


Indians 15  Blue Jays 4 Everything was bad about that game: Pitching: Dustin McGowan had three really good starts in a row but this one was terrible. 9 hits, 2 walks,  4 earned with just 3...

Janssen we missed you so much, Jays beat Indians


Indians 4   Blue Jays 5 Well, that was closer than it needed to be.  Once again, our offense was great. It took a couple of innings to catch on to what Justin Masterson was throwing, but, once...

Bautista and Lawrie homer, Jays beat Angels


The Blue Jays still haven't been swept this season!

Jays lose another awful game.


Watching this game was a fundamentally terrible experience.

Bad start from Happ


Angels 5 Blue Jays 3 I'm enjoying Banff and Lake Louise today, so missed a lousy start from J. A. Happ. We did get 6.2 good innings from Todd Redmond and Esmil Rogers. Tyler Skaggs pitched a good...

Winning streak ends.


Angels 4 Blue Jays 3 I'm at a nice dinner (with lots of wine),  so this is just a space saver for the recap. Brett Cecil gave up a run on a bases loaded sac-fly in the 9th to take the loss. I'll...

A four game sweep. Or is that two two game sweeps?


Phillies 6 Blue Jays 12 Now that was a fun series of baseball. Over the 3 games we outscored the Phillies 31 to 11. Nice to be above .500 again.  Tonight was a home run derby night, we had 5 home...

Jays score early, and HOLD ON TO THE LEAD


Blue Jays 3   Phillies 0 I don't think anyone could have expected a better start out of J.A. Happ, considering a) he hasn't pitched for 12 days and b) he's, you know, J.A. Happ. Happ pitched 5...

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