Toronto Blue Jays Birthdays

John Cerutti


John Cerutti would have turned 52 today,John was a good lefty pitcher, for the Jays, in the late 80's. He was 46-37 in 6 seasons for us, starting 108 games and relieving in 83 and had a 3.87 ERA. ...

Happy Birthday Willie Upshaw, Frank Catalonatto, Chris Carpenter, Bob Macdonald and Pat Lennon


Former Jay first baseman, Willie Upshaw, turns 55 today. Willie was a very successful rule 5 draft pick up from the Yankees. The Yankees drafted him in the 5th round in 1978. He moved up the minor...

Happy Birthday Tony Phillips


Tony Phillips turns 53 today. Tony was only a Blue Jay for a few short days, but he's just such an interesting character that I wanted to make some mention of him. We signed him, as a free agent,...

Happy Birthday Omar Vizquel


Omar Vizquel turns 45 today (my sister turned 45 just yesterday). I don't think the Jays have ever had a player turn 45 as a member of their roster. He's not the oldest Jay ever. Phil Niekro was 48...

Happy Birthday Jose Cruz and Curtis Thigpen


Former Jay, Mariner, Diamondback, Dodger, Ray, Giant, Padre, Astro....I'm sure I'm missing someone, right Red Sox, Jose Cruz, Jr turns 38 today. Jose was a good player but never became the star we...

Happy Birthday Henderson Alvarez


Henderson Alvarez turns 22 today. 22. And he's made 12 major league starts. How many guys pitchers have 12 starts before their 22nd birthday. He hasn't had many decisions in those 12 starts, he was...

Happy Birthday Gary Lavelle


Former lefty reliever Gary Lavelle turns 63 today. Gary played for the San Francisco Giants for 11 years, bouncing between closer and lefty setup guy. He had 127 saves for them in 647 games. He and...

Happy Birthday Tom Henke


Former Blue Jay closer Tom Henke turns 54 today. Henke was picked up by Jays GM Pat Gillick from the Texas Rangers, before the 1985 season, as compensation for the Rangers signing free agent Cliff...

Happy Birthday Buck Martinez


Everyone's favorite play-by-play man, Buck Martinez, turns 63 today. Buck had a 17 season career as a catcher in the major leagues. 6 of those seasons were with the Blue Jays. He worked as the...

Happy Birthday Jon Rauch


Jon Rauch turns 33 today.  It hasn't been the best of seasons for Jon, he has a 4.85 ERA, has given up 11 home runs, not far off a team record for relievers. He's minus an appendix and is out now...

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