Toronto Blue Jays Birthdays

Happy Birthday Brandon Morrow


Today is Brandon Morrow's 26 27th birthday. He gets the start today too. Years ago Bill James did a little study on how players did on their birthdays, I don't remember too much about it, other...

Happy Birthday Jeff Musselman


Former Jay pitcher Jeff Musselman turns 48 today. Jeff was a 6th round pick from the 1985 draft out of Harvard. I don't think there has been a player out of Harvard that has made the majors since....

Happy Birthday Mike Sirotka


Mike Sirotka turns 40 today. If we ever do a list of 'worst trades in Jay history', the David Wells for Mike Sirotka deal will be on the list,  not that the White Sox got much out of it either. You...

Happy Birthday Jesse Litsch


Jesse Litsch turns 26 today.  Must be pretty nice to be 26 and have 2 seasons of sub-4.00 ERAs in your past. Course the two years since haven't been as much fun. After Tommy John surgery in 2009...

Happy Birthday Matt Stairs


Today is Matt Stairs 43rd birthday.  Matt, as you know, is a good Canadian boy. He played 2 seasons with the Jays and started his major league career with the Expos, long ago. Of his two years with...

Happy Birthday Josh Towers and Kelly Gruber


Two Blue Jay birthdays today: Josh Towers turns 34 today and Kelly Gruber 49. Towers pitched for us for 5 seasons, winning 37 and losing 42 from 2003 to 2007. His best season was 2005 when he went...

Happy Birthday Shannon Stewart


Former Jay outfielder Shannon Stewart turns 37 today.  Shannon was our first round draft pick in 1992. He was a September call up in 1995 and 1996, played with us for part of 1997 and then made it...

Happy Birthday John Mayberry


Former Jay first baseman John Mayberry turns 62 today. Mayberry played for the Jays from 1978 until May of 1982. He was, at least for part of that time, one of our best player. He hit 92 home runs...

Happy Birthday Edwin Encarnacion.


Edwin Encarnacion turns 28 today. Set off the firewo....never mind. I guess this is appropriate: I got a kick out of seeing Butch Hobson's name on EE's top 10 Similar batters. Hobson (as well as...

Happy Birthday Jim Clancy and Roy Howell


Jim Clancy turns 55 today and Roy Howell 57. Jim Clancy pitched for us from 1977 to 1988. He and Dave Stieb battled for franchise lead in wins for a number of years. He was a horse, he threw 250...

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