Toronto Blue Jays History

DeWayne Wise: Remarkable and Unremarkable

Today, four-time Blue Jays outfielder DeWayne Wise turns 36. Wise's career has been both quite unremarkable and quite remarkable. He has been a career backup outfielder, ever getting above 239...

Happy Birthday Lyle Overbay

Former Blue Jays' first baseman Lyle Overbay turns 37 today. Lyle came up to the majors with the Diamondbacks, he played a handful of games in 2001 and 2002 before making the Diamondbacks out of...

Today in Blue Jay History: Napoli for Francisco

Three years ago today the Blue Jays traded Mike Napoli for Frank Francisco. I think it would be fair to say that we were perplexed: Napoli hit 26 home runs in a pitchers ball park. How many...

Today In Blue Jay History: Vernon Wells Traded

Three years ago today, Alex Anthopoulos did the impossible (well I guess not the impossible, but surely the improbable) by trading Vernon Wells (and $5 million) to the Angels for Mike Napoli and...

A Blue Jays winter tradition since 1998

The Cleveland Indians are in danger of breaking their 22-year streak of not going into a salary arbitration hearing with one of their players--if they do, the Toronto Blue Jays will hold that record.

Today in Blue Jays History: Brad Fullmer Traded

12 years ago today, the Jays traded Brad Fullmer to the Angels for someone named Brian Cooper. Cooper was a RHP, he was 27 at the time. He had pitched in portions of 3 seasons for the Angels, had...

Today in Jays History: Glaus for Rolen

If the Blue Jays won't give us any current news, I guess I'm doomed to write about the past. This trade was a much better one that the one that got us Mike Sirotka. The Cardinals traded us Scott...

Today in Jays History: Trade Wells for Sirotka

Anyone miss Gord Ash?

Today in Blue Jays History: Brandon Morrow Trade

Four years ago today, the Blue Jays trade Brandon League and Johermyn Chavez to the Mariners for Brandon Morrow. Hugo posted this: Ken Rosenthal reported last night that the Jays traded...

December 15 in Blue Jays history

Quite the busy day in franchise history.


Today in Bluebird Banter History

There isn't much for Blue Jays news today, so let's take a look at what happened on (and around) December 13th in past years. One year ago: If you wanted to place a Vegas bet on the Jays to win...

Bobby Cox and the Blue Jays

With Bobby Cox going to the Baseball Hall of Fame, we take a look at his time with the Blue Jays.

Looking Back On Roy Halladay's Career

Toronto Blue Jays franchise icon Roy Halladay retired yesterday closing the book on one of the finest careers this city will ever witness.

First trade of every offseason

Aside from a few minor league free agent signings and picking up options, nothing of note has happened in Blue Jays land so far this offseason, and we being fans--and bloggers who have to come up...

Blue Jays Roster Tree

A visualization of the lineage of the Toronto Blue Jays' 40-man roster, designed as a typical rapid transit route map.

Today in Blue Jay History

Seven Years Ago Today: As slitheringslider told us, the Blue Jays signed Frank Thomas to a contract, 2 years plus an option. He only made it a year and a month. His 2007 season was very good,...

Today in Bluebird Banter History: The Big Trade

So a year ago started like this: Source: #BlueJays on verge of acquiring Josh Johnson from #Marlins. Deal could be even larger than that. — Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) November 13,...

It was 20 years ago today...

20 years ago today, Joe Carter hit a home run that won the Jays their second World Series.

Timeline of Blue Jays Coaches, 1977-2013

With the recent departure of Dwayne Murphy and Chad Mottola, I decided to compile a timeline of all the official coaches in Blue Jays franchise history because for some reason I consider that fun....

What former Jay doesn't get remembered enough?

Give us your choice for the former Blue Jay that you think doesn't get the attention that you think he deserves.

Today in Blue Jays history: Two losses to the A's

The Blue Jays may not be in the playoffs this year but we can look back in history to see how they did on October 7.

Today in Bluebird Banter History

One year ago today: The Blue Jays released a statement on the Yunel Escobar eyeblack issue.The next day a press conference was held. I still think the Jays should have prepared Yunel better for...

Mark Eichhorn's bad ass 1986 season

Holy hell was that ever a good year. Better than any of these sucky sucks are putting up right now.

Blue Jays & consecutive inning-ending double plays

On Tuesday night, the Blue Jays ended each of their last four innings on double plays against the Yankees: Edwin Encarnacion grounded into one in the sixth, J.P. Arencibia in the seventh, Anthony...

The Blue Jays most memorable September callup

Who would you pick as the Blue Jays' most memorable September callup?

Trading for J.A. Happ: A Retrospective

It was just over 13 months ago that the Blue Jays and Astros completed a 10-player trade that brought J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon, and David Carpenter to Toronto. With the two clubs having just...

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