Blue Jay Spring Training Game Threads

Rays @ Blue Jays - GameThread


John Gibbons' Blue Jays will be bringing out eight-ninths of their regular starting lineup in Dunedin today in a Friday afternoon tilt against the Tampa Bay Rays. The only man missing is centre...

Wednesday GameThread: Pirates @ Blue Jays


Today's game is a 1:00 start. it isn't on TV, it is MLB audio if you want to listen today. I think I'll listen to the first couple of innings. There is a little bit of news this morning, the Jays...

Tuesday GameThread: Blue Jays @ Phillies.


I don't know why the 6:30 start, maybe something to do with the Phillies TV broadcast. R.A. Dickey and Cliff Lee get their second starts of the spring. I haven't seen lineup yet, but someone can...

Monday GameThread: Jays @ Twins


Today the Blue Jays travel to Fort Myers to play the Twins. There hasn't been much news coming out of the Jays camp so far this spring. John Lott has a story about Ricky Romero. I didn't know he...

Sunday GameThread: Yankees @ Blue Jays


Another one that is on Sportsnet. On the injury front (well not really injury, soreness front): Brett Lawrie is back in the lineup. Colby Rasmus will be off for a couple of days with 'neck...

Saturday Spring GameThread: Blue Jays @ Orioles


The game is on We get to see Drew Hutchison today, I'm looking forward to that. I'd like him to get a job out of camp but I know it is't going to happen. Alex isn't going to lose both...

GameThread for Friday February 28


Two games, two wins. It doesn't count but winning always feels better than losing. I wonder if getting some wins this spring will be important for the team's psyche? Make them feel like everyone's...

Spring GameThread: Phillies @ Jays


The Jays and Phillies have their second game of the spring, this time at Dunedin and this time it is on Sportsnet. There was a little bit of excitement on twitter this morning, when was reported...

GameThread for First Spring Game, Yay


It is almost like Christmas, it might be fake baseball, but it is still baseball. I've been waiting impatiently for this. The Jays are using what might be their regular lineup for the season,...

GameThread: Jays @ Phillies


Our last spring game, I thought we'd never get to the end of them. Josh Johnson gets his last tuneup before the season starts. He's has a terrific spring, 16 innings, 8 hits, 1 walk, 21...

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