Dalton Pompey wins a Minor League Gold Glove


Center fielder Dalton Pompey is the second Canadian to win a Minor League Gold Glove award this year and the youngest of the award winners, having been drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 16th round of the 2010 draft out of John Fraser Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto). With the Lansing Lugnuts in 2013, Pompey had a very solid season, hitting .261/.358/.394 and stealing 38 bases as a 20 year old. Playing center field for the Lugnuts, Pompey did not make an error and had eight outfield assists in over 230 total chances.

Grading on a curve.

Let there be great rejoicing.


Bud Selig will today announce formally he's retiring, effective in January 2015.

Jon Heyman Tweet

Congratulations Dirk


Meanwhile, former big leaguer Dirk Hayhurst, now a best-selling author and analyst for the Blue Jays, will also provide insight and commentary from the TBS studio throughout the postseason.


Baseball Prospectus on Matt Smoral


The 6'8" Smoral is one of the most intriguing and favorite arms I saw all season. His fastball sits easily in the 91-94 range while hitting 95 at times. While that is very solid coming from the left side, it's his slider that sucks me in. It's already a plus pitch sitting at 82-85 with tilt and a sharp bite that is effective to both righties and lefties alike. When he's commanding the fastball the slider is a devastating swing-and-miss pitch that he can throw in any count.

Monday Morning Ten Pack

The Arencibia Line (.250 OBP or less)


Hilarious tweet today from Dirk Hayhurst. lol

Want something positive about JP?


Check out the 3rd best 'frame of the week" And the line under it: "I wrote in July that Arencibia had reinvented himself as a receiver, and by the end of August, he had worked his way into the top 20 framers. Here's a good example of his refined receiving technique"

Blue Jays analyst Gregg Zaun says J.P. Arencibia shouldn’t be starting catcher next year | Toronto Star


In a telephone interview, Zaun said he believes that if the Blue Jays don’t upgrade for next season, it’s sending the wrong message to Toronto’s baseball fans.

J.P. Arencibia talks to Shi Davidi


JP "People are going to have bad things to say, if I was hitting .300 and I only had two walks, people would say I’m not taking enough pitches, whatever it may be." I don't know JP, try hitting .300 for a bit and we'll see.

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