Blue Jays and Walkoff Bunts


On Tuesday night, the Toronto Blue Jays had a walkoff win over the New York Yankees on a Melky Cabrera sacrifice bunt attempt. Jose Reyes reached on a double to start the inning, and Cabrera...

HOT GIF: More On Last Night's Win


All the recs?  All the recs.

The Blues and The Greys


There has been a lot of conversation about whether Josh Thole or Erik Kratz is the better backup catcher for the Blue Jays in the long run. R.A. Dickey has stated that he prefers Thole as his...

Adam Lind and Rajai Davis: Separated at Birth


On a surface level Adam Lind and Rajai Davis don't have a lot in common. However, if you are willing to ignore a lot of obvious differences they are essentially clones.

Blue Jays By The Numbers


The Toronto Blue Jays released their uniform number assignments for 2014. What will the newest Blue Jays be wearing? Who will change numbers?

Blue Jays teammates wearing #20 and #14


Now that we are in the year 2014, a very important question is upon us: who were the best pair of Blue Jays to wear #20 and #14 in a particular season? You probably won't be able to guess this one. ...

U.S. Mint will release a baseball mitt coin


The United States Mint will be releasing a special curved coin in 2014 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The coins will have a baseball on its reverse side...

Experimenting With Outfield Fences


The offseason is slow sometimes so here is a *fun* little thought experiment.

Thursday's Three Things - October 3


Not well thought out and quite frivolous.

Thursday's Three Things - September 19


Quite frivolous and not well thought out.


Thursday's Three Things - September 12


Not well thought out and quite frivolous.

Bud Black and unusual defensive moves


Tuesday night the Padres moved players around defensively 36 times. Ok maybe not that much, but multiple players played multiple positions yet Ronny Cedeno played an entire game at short stop.

Thursday's Three Things


This week's Thursday Three Things: Ryan Goins, J.P. Arencibia brings home 2 on a strikeout and Brandon Phillips barks at a writer.

Blue Jays & consecutive inning-ending double plays


On Tuesday night, the Blue Jays ended each of their last four innings on double plays against the Yankees: Edwin Encarnacion grounded into one in the sixth, J.P. Arencibia in the seventh, Anthony...

Thursday's Three Things


I have been taking a bit of time off from writing but I return for a post this Thursday afternoon because I do love alliterative titles. Theoretically, this Thursday's Three Things (if you're...

66 vs 66 - Kawasaki and McFarland made history


When the Blue Jays’ Munenori Kawasaki stepped up to the plate against the Orioles’ T.J. McFarland on May 23, 2013, something that had never happened in the history of MLB occurred: a matchup...

Stanley Cup And Other Topics Open Thead


Open thread tonight as there is no game on tonight due to bad weather.

Blue Jays have won fewer games than pitchers used


Since April 2012, the Blue Jays have used 49 pitchers. Since April 2012, the Cincinnati Reds have used 19.

25-Man Roster by Categories


A quick look at the 2013 Opening Day 25-man roster by the numbers.

Today In Bluebird Banter History - March 6


Bluebird Banter takes a time machine ride back in time through the archives to see what was posted on this blog on this day every year from 2006 to 2012. This post was mostly written after Minor...

New Blue Jays Uniform Number Assignments - Updated


Since there were several roster changes since I last posted this in early January, I have updated the list of all the uniform number changes since last year. Uniform # 2013 2012 ...

Middle Names Of The 40-Man Roster


Happy Family Day / Louis Riel Day / Islander Day / Presidents Day / Regular Work Day to you, depending where you live. It is about time for a completely frivolous post here on Bluebird Banter...

Off Topic Thread: What Are You Reading?


Give us some reading suggestions.

UPDATED: Henry Blanco Assigned #22


As I wrote last year in a similar post, I am fascinated with uniform numbers. I would be excited to see what numbers new Blue Jays would wear, and to see old Jays players changing numbers for...

Record Readership In 2012


Once again, Bluebird Banter heads into the new calendar year having set a record for visits in the previous year! Thank you very much for continuing to visit our community for Blue Jays news and...

Dumb Gift Idea Of The Day


The mean writer at Bluebird Banter is back with a piece about Toronto Star columnist Raju Mudhar.

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