Blue Jays Dreams of 2014

The guy on the right was right-on about Jose Reyes (video obviously made before he got hurt). Jeremy Larter, Dennis Trainor & Robbie Moses from Just Passing Through star in this comedic bit.

Blue Jays Call Up A.J. Jimenez

In slightly surprising news this morning, the Toronto Blue Jays promoted catcher A.J. Jimenez from double-A New Hampshire to the major leagues for the first time in his career. It's a little...

The Bluebird Banter Annual Introduction Post

We'd like to get to know you.

Make your 2014 MLB Predictions

Since this is the last weekend of spring training, it is time to make our predictions. Give us your best guesses. 1. Give us your guess for the how the final standings in each division. 2. Who...

Predicted Walk Up Songs For The Blue Jays

We pick which walk-up song would be the most appropriate for players on the Blue Jays' starting lineup.

Erik Kratz Turkey Bacon Commercial

Erik Kratz the actor, presented without comment:

With Jays Below .500 (Again), It's Time To Sell

Unfortunately the time has come where us fans should admit that this current Toronto Blue Jays roster is nothing more than a .500 squad. Sitting in the middle of the pack as they have for two...

Blue Jays Adventure: 2014 Expansion Pack

Around this time last year, Cashew Mirman released the trailer to "Blue Jays Adventure", an eight-bit video game based on the 2013 season. I loved it at the time, even certifying it as the Greatest...

Who will make the first MLB debut of 2014?

Sean Nolin was the first Blue Jays player to make an MLB debut in 2013, will Marcus Stroman do it in 2014?

Second Annual BBB Super Bowl Prop Contest & GDT

It's Super Bowl Sunday, which is just another day closer to Spring Training for most of us, but we might as well have some fun with it! Last year we had a prop contest that was won by yours truly,...


Tanaka's Potential Destinations Narrowed Down!

BREAKING NEWS! In shocking news Tuesday, reports came out that much sought-after pitcher Masahiro Tanaka had narrowed down his list of possible destinations. As you would imagine, this ramped up...

Blue Jays sign Pizza Nova

In a stunning move that even Chris Cotillo failed to scoop, the Toronto Blue Jays have designated for assignment their long-time Official Pizza Pizza Pizza. The club has 10 days to trade, reheat,...

Blue Jays with Donkeys

Last offseason This offseason My analysis: this tells me that this might mean that the Blue Jays are going to have more, fewer, or the same number of wins in 2014 as 2013. Photos from Jose...

Top Bluebird Banter Posters of 2013

Who posted the most comments on Bluebird Banter in 2013?

Off Topic Thread: Favorite Christmas Movies

Tell us your which is your favorite Christmas movie.

Santa's List

Dear Santa, I'm sure you don't need help but I figured I'd offer anyway. First of all, if you can remember where I hid that one gift for my son.....I'd be thrilled. Brandon Morrow: The season...

The Grinch Who Stole The Jays 2013 Season

Every Fan Down in Jaysland Liked the 2012 offseason a lot... But the Grinch,Who lived to the south and east of Jaysland, Did NOT! The Grinch hated the offseason! The whole dang offseason!

Last-minute Christmas gift suggestions

They tell me the site is back up. They waited until I went out to fix it. Anyway, quick post, give us your suggestions for last minute Christmas gifts for Blue Jays fans. My thoughts, well with...

AA explains Blue Jays' slow offseason

Since the beginning of November 2013, the Toronto Blue Jays have only made 19 transactions after making 52 transactions over the same period in 2012. The quiet offseason has caused worry among some...

What question would you ask Alex Anthopoulos?

I'm tired of this off-season already. Last year, the off-season was fun. It was exciting. Things happened. The club had obvious holes and it went out to fill the holes. We didn't know that it...

Munenori Kawasaki wins GIBBY Award

One of the more enjoyable parts of 2013 Blue Jays baseball was the existence of Munenori Kawasaki. He joined the club right after a horrible start to the season and a scene of Jose Reyes crying on...

Poll: Should Jays acquire Papelbon?

hahahhahahha lol lololololol LOL Jonathan Papelbon is owed $13 million in the next two years and has a vesting option for $13 million in 2016. L O L No. New activity! Inspired by...

Bluebird Banter Hall of Fame Poll Results

We have the results of our Hall of Fame polls. We would vote 8 guys into the Hall. Of course, we had the advantage of not being limited to only being allowed to vote for 10. No chance the BBWAA...

Hall of Fame Poll: Larry Walker

Would you vote Larry Walker into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame Poll: Alan Trammell

Would you vote Alan Trammell into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame Poll: Frank Thomas

Would you vote Frank Thomas into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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