Open Thread to discuss end of August trades


Here is an open thread to discuss whatever trades may happen in the last few hours that players that are picked up in trades can be put on a playoff roster. Players acquired after August 31 are...

What would you give Jeter as a retirement present?


I'm really not a fan of giving retiring players, from other teams, presents. I don't knew when this practice started. I don't remember Carl Yastrzemski getting presents from all the teams he played...

Deadline Day Open Thread 3


Thread number 3 and final. The last hour ought to be interesting. As much as I'm not really expecting the Blue Jays to make any moves today, I thought we could have an open thread to discuss...

Buy this Stroronto cap


Blue Jays fan Andy (@_rallycap on Twitter) is celebrating Marcus Stroman fever by making this custom cap at Lids for $30. This gets the Minor Leaguer Approved stamp: Got a new cap this morning. #...

Mark Buehrle's Veteran Presents


Mark Buehrle gives Marcus Stroman and other young Blue Jays a gift of custom-fitted suits.

An unscientific study of JaysTalk callers' sanity


"It's funny because it's true" -- Guy Spurrier

Open Thread for the Home Run Derby


The Home Run Derby is tonight, starting at 8:00 Eastern. I'll admit to not caring about at it. I can watch for 10 minutes, then I get tired of 'back, back, back, back' and start looking for...

4 New Events for an MLB Skills Competition


In the next few days, I will try to avoid talking about the major league Blue Jays as much as possible. Their recent struggles have made me want to just step away from the team a little, especially...

PRESENTED BY 995310634_fanduel_stb_black

Introducing FanDuel


SB Nation and FanDuel have partnered to give us a daily fantasy baseball game to play.

Welcome to the Bisons, Mike, you're fat.


When I watch a baseball game on TV, I get very excited when I start to catch on to the various hand signals the catchers and coaches use to communicate various plays. I'm not able to elucidate the...


VIDEO: Todd Redmond plunks Erik Kratz

Hat tip to shortofbrillant for sharing the video.

The AL East Teams and Their World Cup Twins


With the World Cup beginning yesterday with a SPOILER ALERT 3-1 victory for hosts Brazil over Croatia, many baseball fans will be splitting time between their usual following of their favourite...

Blue Jays fan Kate Upton turns 22


I just thought yall would want to know that model, actress, and Blue Jays fan Kate Upton turns 22 today. Well I don't know if she's a Blue Jays fan or not, but here she is sporting the Blue Jays...

Which was the best ballpark you've visited?


I'm running around this morning, getting things ready so I can head to Baltimore and New York for the next couple of series for the Blue Jays, so I'm just asking a question this morning. Tell us...

Vegas improves odds on Jays winning World


Vegas noticed the Blue Jays great month of May and changed our odds of winning the AL Pennant and World Series accordingly. They were giving us 25/1 odds of wining the World Series, now it is 10/1....

Jays of the Day Leaderboard


I haven't put up the JoD leaderboard in a long time and we've had a 9 game win streak since it was last up. Jose Bautista is still in the lead, but Edwin and Melky are right behind. And we have a...

Calgary meet up


Self indulgent post time. I've mentioned this in the game thread, but if anyone in the Calgary area would like to meet up for tomorrow's game and, perhaps, a beer or two, I'm (and at least a...

Jays of the Day leader board


Every couple of weeks I'm going to put up the Jays of the Day leaderboard. Back in the days before the big redesign we could put the Jays of the Day table on one side of the main page, but that...

Caption contest time


Give us your best caption for this photo. Mine? "We left Macaulay Culkin home alone again?"


Blue Jays Dreams of 2014

The guy on the right was right-on about Jose Reyes (video obviously made before he got hurt). Jeremy Larter, Dennis Trainor & Robbie Moses from Just Passing Through star in this comedic bit.

Blue Jays Call Up A.J. Jimenez


In slightly surprising news this morning, the Toronto Blue Jays promoted catcher A.J. Jimenez from double-A New Hampshire to the major leagues for the first time in his career. It's a little...

The Bluebird Banter Annual Introduction Post


We'd like to get to know you.

Make your 2014 MLB Predictions


Since this is the last weekend of spring training, it is time to make our predictions. Give us your best guesses. 1. Give us your guess for the how the final standings in each division. 2. Who...

Predicted Walk Up Songs For The Blue Jays


We pick which walk-up song would be the most appropriate for players on the Blue Jays' starting lineup.

Erik Kratz Turkey Bacon Commercial


Erik Kratz the actor, presented without comment:

With Jays Below .500 (Again), It's Time To Sell


Unfortunately the time has come where us fans should admit that this current Toronto Blue Jays roster is nothing more than a .500 squad. Sitting in the middle of the pack as they have for two...

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