Toronto Blue Jays Game Recaps

Blue Jays Sweep the Red Sox


Jays Win!

I love beating the Red Sox! Jays Win!


Blue Jays 4 Red Sox 2 Where would we be without Marcus Stroman. He was great again tonight, maybe not quite as good as his last start against the Red Sox, but still really good. 7 innings, 6 hits,...

Blue Jays Win With Two Touchdowns To A Rouge


Not enough sunscreen in the world could have prevented what happened to Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox tonight. Not enough fried chicken and beer will make the loss sting any less either, although...

Blue Jays Stretch Yankee Stadium Win Streak To Two


After a 5-4 victory this afternoon capped a series victory against New York, it seems unlikely that the Yankee Stadium losing streak will have to be talked about ever again this season. A back and...

Blue Jays snap Yankee Stadium losing streak at 17


Blue Jays 6 Yankees 4 The much talked about Yankee Stadium losing streak for the Blue Jays came to an end at 17 games this afternoon, as Dan Johnson and some sloppy New York defense powered...

Exciting Game Gets Boring, Jays Lose 6-4


Blue Jays 4 Yankees 6 If the Blue Jays are to snap their losing streak at Yankee Stadium it will apparently take more than just Jose Bautista hitting home runs. Although the team's star slugger...

Amazing start from Marcus Stroman


I still love saying 'Jays beat Red Sox.

Aaron Sanchez was great! Jays beat Sox!


The MLB debut of top prospect Aaron Sanchez was a great success. He pitched two perfect innings out of the bullpen. Jose Bautista homered.

Great start for J.A. Happ


My favorite words in the world: Jays beat Red Sox.

A Super Positive Recap!!!!11111111oneoneoneoneone


Red Sox 14 @ Blue Jays 1


Blue Jays bang out 15 hits and 9 runs


Rangers 6 Blue Jays 9 Early in the season, Mark Buehrle was pitching great and we were scoring for him. Then we went through a period when he was pitching good and we couldn't score. Finally, we...

Jays win.It seems so long since I've said that.


Rangers 1 Blue Jays 4 The question on everyone's mind is 'Why didn't Casey Janssen pitch the 9th?" Apparently he is sick, he lost 7-8 pounds and has been on IV. Finally a win, it has been so...

J.P. Arencibia hits a 3-run homer, there is no God


Rangers 5 Jays 1 That was just awful. R.A. Dickey was great, through 6 innings, and really should have been pulled there. Then, in the 7th, he gave up 2 singles and an J.P. Arencibia home run....

Bring on the All-Star break


Blue Jays 0 Rays 3 Not much to say about that, David Price was good, the Jays batters weren't. We managed 5 hits against Price, 8 plus innings, most of them of the bloop variety. 2 of the hits...

One bad inning costs the Jays


Blue Jays 3 Rays 10 It is one of those baseball truisms that winning teams most often score more runs in 1 inning than the other team scores in the game. That's one of the reasons I hate playing...

Jays beat Rays 8-5 and will avoid Price Saturday


Blue Jays 8 @ Rays 5

Jays lose bad one


Blue Jays 7 Angels 8 May I say right off the start. I HATE BUNTING. I mean, there is the rare occasion it is the right move, generally for the pitcher in an NL game. First few innings of a AL...

Blue Jays' dive extends to five


Blue Jays 2 @ Angels 5 The good part of this season was really, really good. The bad part of this season has been really, really bad. Lately it's been hard to be a Blue Jays fan, but thank you for...

If this is Oakland we must have lost


Blue Jays 2 A's 4 Baseball is a funny sport, the A's come to Toronto and we sweep them and they look like a poor team. We go to Oakland and they sweep us and we look like a lousy team. The good...

West Coast is Not Best Coast: Jays Lose Game+EE


Athletics: 5 Blue Jays: 1

That was long and it ended badly, Blue Jays lose


Blue Jays 0 A's 1 (12 innings) Great pitching spoiled by no offence. I hate that Casey Janssen didn't pitch. There is no excuse to lose in extra innings with your best pitcher sitting in the pen....

Blue Jays lose a strange one


Blue Jays 1 A's 4 So that was the strangest thing thing I've seen. In the top of the second, . Blue Jays had the bases loaded, Gose grounds out to first, the first baseman, Nate Frieman, tags the...

Walk-off Homer by Edwin Encarnacion


Brewers 4 Blue Jays 7 Walk-off win. This game deserves a longer recap, we'll revisit it later. The good news is that Edwin Encarnacion hit a game winning home run in the bottom of the 9th. 2-on,...

Great start from Drew Hutchison


Blue Jays win on Canada Day. Drew Hutchison had a great start. Jose Bautista and Colby Rasmus homered.

Good start from Mark Buehrle wasted


White Sox 4 Blue Jays 0 I've rarely been so happy to see a month end. Here's to a better July! Yet again, a very good start from one of our starters is wasted by a lack of offense. Mark Buehrle...

One bad pitch, Jays lose to White Sox


White Sox 4 Blue Jays 3 A great start by Marcus Stroman ruined by one pitch from Dustin McGowan. Stroman was amazing for 6.2 innings. Until that point he had allowed 1 hit and 1 walk, with 6...

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