Toronto Blue Jays Game Recaps

Blue Jays bang out 15 hits and 9 runs


Rangers 6 Blue Jays 9 Early in the season, Mark Buehrle was pitching great and we were scoring for him. Then we went through a period when he was pitching good and we couldn't score. Finally, we...

Jays win.It seems so long since I've said that.


Rangers 1 Blue Jays 4 The question on everyone's mind is 'Why didn't Casey Janssen pitch the 9th?" Apparently he is sick, he lost 7-8 pounds and has been on IV. Finally a win, it has been so...

J.P. Arencibia hits a 3-run homer, there is no God


Rangers 5 Jays 1 That was just awful. R.A. Dickey was great, through 6 innings, and really should have been pulled there. Then, in the 7th, he gave up 2 singles and an J.P. Arencibia home run....

Bring on the All-Star break


Blue Jays 0 Rays 3 Not much to say about that, David Price was good, the Jays batters weren't. We managed 5 hits against Price, 8 plus innings, most of them of the bloop variety. 2 of the hits...

One bad inning costs the Jays


Blue Jays 3 Rays 10 It is one of those baseball truisms that winning teams most often score more runs in 1 inning than the other team scores in the game. That's one of the reasons I hate playing...

Jays beat Rays 8-5 and will avoid Price Saturday


Blue Jays 8 @ Rays 5

Jays lose bad one


Blue Jays 7 Angels 8 May I say right off the start. I HATE BUNTING. I mean, there is the rare occasion it is the right move, generally for the pitcher in an NL game. First few innings of a AL...

Blue Jays' dive extends to five


Blue Jays 2 @ Angels 5 The good part of this season was really, really good. The bad part of this season has been really, really bad. Lately it's been hard to be a Blue Jays fan, but thank you for...

If this is Oakland we must have lost


Blue Jays 2 A's 4 Baseball is a funny sport, the A's come to Toronto and we sweep them and they look like a poor team. We go to Oakland and they sweep us and we look like a lousy team. The good...

West Coast is Not Best Coast: Jays Lose Game+EE


Athletics: 5 Blue Jays: 1

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