On the Road Again Sunday April 13, 2014 Links

Loads of Jays and MLB links for your weekend reading amusement.

Opening Weekend Links April 6, 2014

Dickey Trumps Yanks and other Jays news.

Au Revoir Spring Training 2014, Sunday Links

The series in Montreal turned out well for both the Jays and Montreal... not so much the Mets. Today is an off day before the Jays take on the Rays and their Voodoo Curse.

Bittersweet Symphony Saturday March 29, 2014 Links

In two days, baseball games will actually matter and the bitterly debated inaction of the offseason will fade into the collective fanbase memory as a speed bump on the way to a successful season or something worse.

March Madness Madness Weekend Links

Here we go!  Last week of spring training as the team goes thru its final tune ups in Florida and a bunch of links that won't include "best shape of his life." Two real games have already been...

Pride And Prejudice Sunday March 9, 2014 Links

For a guy who is desperate for an MLB contract, Ervin Santana has an odd way of showing it. He's decided to play the baseball equivalent of a female character from a Jane Austen novel and play off the O's and Jays till someone breaks down in tears

Pancake Tuesday Blue Jays Thoughts

No afternoon baseball today, so use that time to read this post and make some pancakes!

What Time Is It? Why It's Spring Training Links

The good news is that the Jays are now playing baseball so we fans can focus on the games and not the tumultuous offseason which disappointed many. The bad news is that Scott Boras is still acting like a bad Jaystalk Caller.

Let the real fake games begin!

We have been waiting a long time for this. It is currently -11 degrees (-22 wind chill) outside my window but the anticipation of today's spring training game warms me right up. The Blue Jays will...

Go Canada Go Sunday Feb 22, 2014 Links and GDT

Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go! Go Canada Go!


Blue Jays Links / Canada-US Live Thread

Obviously the bulk of our readership will be focused on the Canada-US men's Olympic ice hockey semifinals game this afternoon, and there really hasn't been huge Blue Jays news, so feel free to use...

Countdown to Spring Training Links Feb 16, 2014

Another week and Spring Training is almost here meaning that someone will be in the best shape of their lives. A whole pile of links today including how not to take a picture.

It's Always Snowing In Canada Sunday Feb 9 Links

It's getting close to spring training so there were a large amount of baseball related links to make. I'm happy as anyone after the slow offseason and the winter that goes on and on and on... WILL YOU STOP SNOWING!! I HAVE NO PLACE TO PUT MORE SNOW!

Jeff Baker signs, Ervin Santana's price drops

One more name to cross off your 'I wish the Jays would sign him' list: Jeff Baker gets $1.6MM in 2014, $2.1MM in 2015 on #Marlins deal. — Chris Cotillo (@ChrisCotillo) February 4, 2014 ...

MMMM: Blue Jays in Command Edition

According to ESPN's Buster Onley, the Blue Jays are holding "the commanding position in the free-agent pitching market".... and other links.

Jack Morris returning + Blue Jays links

Blue Jays fans can put an end to the speculations that Jerry Howarth will be looking for another new partner on the radio for 2014 as the long-time play-by-play announcer confirmed to Jays...

Friday Bluebird Links

Top Blue Jays prospects came and went this week, and now the annual Winter Tour has begun (they will be in Kingston today), there should be a bunch of interview-type articles that will pop up in...

Blue Jays Blogroll

One of the things that was lost when Bluebird Banter and SB Nation switched to this spiffy site design over a year ago was the blogroll section right on our front page, where we recognized the...

BREAKING: John Gibbons not fired!

Happy new year, Bluebird Banterers! Hopefully the winter holidays have been treating you well. I know that Tom Dakers has been enjoying his time in the Dominican Republic. There hasn't been a lot...

Merry Krampus Everyone! Saturday Dec 14 Links

It has been quite a busy and somewhat strange week. The best Jays pitcher retires as a Jay to the surprise of no one but the self centered Phillie media. Yankees are shocked that no one really wants to take the Yankees money or terms.

I Link Therefore I Am Saturday Nov 30, 2013 Links

Fortunately there hasn't been much going on in Jays land or someone might wonder why the weekend links guy isn't doing his job (real job getting in the way.)

It's A Living Friday Nov 14, 2013 Links

Rumors and lies dominate the Toronto baseball scene which is pretty much in the back pages with the obits as Hockey and who/what Rob Ford likes to eat dominate the news. I promise only baseball related links.

Blue Jays and the GM Meetings: Tuesday Update

Another day of general manager meetings brings us a bunch more Blue Jays-related news. No actual transactions have taken place, but general manager Alex Anthopoulos did chat with the media, as Shi...

Flu Friday Nov 8, 2013 Links

A brief pile of links for your reading amusement while sick with the flu.

I Link Therefore I am Sunday Nov 3, 2013 Links

A brief links post of stuff around the world of baseball and sport.

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