Today in Bluebird Banter History - October 12

Now that was an exciting game 1 of the NLCS with some old-fashioned Carlos Beltran magic. And these kids have to go back to the park at 4 pm to play game 2. It was certainly worth staying up late...

I Link Therefore I am Saturday Oct 12, 2013 Links

Various links from the post season and as the Jays try to figure out what to do after the horror show of 2013.

Monday Morning Media Mashup

There wasn't supposed to be any baseball played today, but because the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers have identical win-loss records after 162 games, they will need to play number 163 against...

No Tanks For the Errors Saturday Sept 28 Links

But I thought the Rays played the right way! They usually do (and have the luck demons on their side), but even the Rays are bound to have a bad night. R.A. Dickey's final start of the season was much better than his first start.

Baseballs are Jays Seeking Missiles Sept 27 Links

Another loss and another Jays injured. All in a days work for our struggling and limping 2013 jays. Thankfully there are only 3 more games to play before the 2013 season ends mercifully as there aren't many survivors remaining on the roster.

Sportsnet debuts a pie graph!

I am a fan of graphs (you can call me a GraphsFan) because when they are used properly, they can convey information efficiently and effectively. But they can be useless--and worst,...

Tuesday Bantering: Links

Down to the final 6 games. If we can beat the Orioles, once or twice, we can knock them out of the playoffs. We don't have much to cheer about, we might as well enjoy that. Anyway just some random...

The Rage of Kawasaki Sunday September Links

You think Mune's all fun and games being the resident goof? Nope. The man wants to win. I'm starting to like this guy more.

Pitching Is Magic Friday Sept 20, 2013 Links

The 2nd last weekend of the season. In Boston. I thought this would have been a sort of meaningless series with one team already clinching a playoff spot while the other tries to think about next...

Monday Morning Media Mashup

Oh hey, no preamble today. Blue Jays Related More to baseball than just the result - Sportsnet.caMike Wilner wrote a nice story about how his old friend caught a Jose Reyes homer and was able to...

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