Tuesday BBB Links: More Biogenesis Edition

The Jays won last night on a 2 out 2 RBI pinch hit single from Mark "veteran presents" DeRosa to bring their record to 52-60. Today's links include Lawrie's hot bat, the Trout-Cabrera debate and the latest in burger science.

Monday Morning Media Mashup

It is a holiday Monday in most parts of Canada today (sorry Quebec, Yukon, and Newfoundland and Labrador); it is called "Civic Holiday" generally, and various other names around the country,...

Itching Post Saturday Aug 3, 2013 Links

The Rally Monkey got the Jays. At least that what I think happened. A bunch of posts for your reading and visual pleasure.

Thursday BBB Links: Trade Dudline Edition

The Jays won and the trade deadline happened. I use the term "happened" very loosely. Today's links include Dickey's struggles at the Dome, all of the three trades that actually occurred and the latest in artificial ears.

Tuesday BBB Links: Thorough Shellacking Edition

Today's links include how the umpires are treating the Jays, all of yesterday's trading activity and a Star Wars set that could be in serious trouble.

Monday Morning Media Mashup: Bar Graphs Edition

My analysis: Jose Reyes is struggling because his RBIs are lower than his OPS.

JJ was not Dy-no-Mite Sunday July 28, 2013 Links

JJ hasn't been Kid Dy-no-Mite unless one is referring to the fact his starts always seem to blow up. Wasn't he supposed to be good or something? I can't remember anymore. Anyway here are some...

EE's HRHR Saturday July 27, 2013 Links

In season of frustration, Edwin Encarnacion makes some history with bookend home runs in the 7th inning thanks to Houston's incredibly awful bullpen. I can't take much solace that the Jays are...

A Lousy Week to Forget Friday July 26, 2013 Links

Looks like working night shift has its benefits like missing the horrific series against the Rays and the Dodgers which killed any faint hopes of a Jays playoffs (cough cough cough) run. On the...

Thursday BBB Links:Preferred Expletive Edition

That was an utter collapse. This stretch of baseball is physically painful. Hopefully the Astros are a good medicine.Today's links include Anthony Gose's struggles, all things A-Rod and the dangers of roaming cats.

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