MLB News

Red Sox sign Stephen Drew


I really would have liked the Blue Jays to have signed Drew but: Stephen drew signs back with red. Sox. Believed he's getting pro-rated portion og $14M qualifying fugure, so estimated $10M —...

Blue Jays lose Ervin Santana to the Braves


Free agent starter Ervin Santana, who was reportedly in deep talks with the Blue Jays and Orioles this past weekend, has signed with the Braves, according to a David O'Brien tweet. #Braves will...

A.J. Burnett signs with Phillies


So there is another little fantasy signing that we can stop dreaming about, A.J. Burnett signed a one-year, $16 million contract, with the Phillies. If the Jays are going to upgrade the starting...

Masahiro Tanaka will be posted


So who will get him?

New posting rules for NPB players


The MLB PR department twitter posted this: So there is no more bidding. The MLB team that makes a deal with the player will have to pay the NPB team the posting cost that the NPB team sets, no...

J.P. Arencibia signs with Rangers


From the Dallas Morning News: According to a major league source, the Rangers have reached an agreement with J.P. Arencibia on a one-year deal that would pay him around $1 million in base...

Tigers send Fielder to Rangers for Kinsler


The floodgates can open now, we've had the first big trade of the off-season. Prince Fielder and $30 million are heading to Texas for Ian Kinsler. I'm sure it won't be the last trade of the winter. ...

Monday Bantering


Bits of baseball news.

Vernon Wells To Yankees?


Yahoo! Sport's MLB columnist Jeff Passan tweeted today that former Blue Jays outfielder and albatross Vernon Wells may soon be headed from the Los Angeles Angels to the New York Yankees, in a trade...

Red Sox Trade for Mike Carp


Red Sox get another Carppy player.


Aaron Hill Signs Extension With Diamondbacks


The Diamondback have given former Blue Jay first round draft pick Aaron Hill a three-year contract extension, details are below, from the SB Nation News Desk. After his last couple of seasons with...

Felix Hernandez Signs With Mariners


Felix Hernandex signs huge contract with Mariners.

Thoughts on the Biogenesis Scandal


How dumb would a player have to be to use his real name when going to some shady clinic to get some illegal junk injected into his butt?

Chris Carpenter to Miss 2013 Season


Former Jay Chris Carpenter will miss the 2013 season with an arm injury.

Yankees Want To Void Alex Rodriguez Contract


The Yankees would like to void every contract they've signed over the last 5 years,

Ken Rosenthal: Tampa Bay Rays Sign Kelly Johnson


Here's the Tweet: #Rays agree with free-agent 2B Kelly Johnson on one-year contract, sources tell me and @jonmorosi. — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) January 28, 2013 Since they traded...

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