Toronto Blue Jays Opinions

Poll time: Should the Jays trade Jose Bautista?


Jose Bautista talked to Arash Madani, and said that he would like to finish his career with the Blue Jays. Of course, what else is he going to say "well Arash, I can't wait to get out of this hell...

What Moves Should Be Made During The Stretch Run?


With the Blue Jays slipping out of contention, what moves should Alex Anthopoulos make to try and save the season?

What would you do if you were the Commissioner?


The MLB owners are voting on a new Commissioner today. On the off chance the vote me in (stranger things have happened) (no, nothing stranger has happened) I thought I'd ask you all what you would...

Paul Beeston on Blue Jays money matters


Paul Beeston talked on the Brady and Walker show on Fan 590 this morning and once again he said that he and Alex  have never gone to Rogers, asking for money, and  been refused. This always sounds...

Why hasn't Alex talked to the players?


So this is going to be the reoccurring story line, every time the Jays lose a game (from Scott Macarthur at TSN): General manager Alex Anthopoulos, who's cut his travel with the big league club...

Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?


We did this back in May and Gibby's numbers ran 65% approve, 26% neutral and 10% do not approve. I'm curious to see if the numbers move some. I'll admit I like him a lot better with a 7-man...

Poll time


With the trade deadline come and gone and the Blue Jays inactivity, I thought we could have a poll to gauge out level of 'disappointment'. I'm at about at the Bautista level 'slightly...

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Wednesday Bantering


Back from a weekend of good music, made that much more enjoyable because the Blue Jays were winning. I saw a lot of bands i'd like to see again. Jason Isbell,  Lee Harvey Osmond, The Lone Bellow,...

Do you approve of the job Anthopoulos is doing?


We did this back in May, when things were going well, though we had just lost 3 games in a row, but all-in-all, the team was playing good ball. Back then the results were 29% approve, 41% neutral,...

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Will Cabrera and Rasmus be back next year?


What do you think?

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Friday Bantering: Lind, Cabrera


The Blue Jays are trying to re-spin the Adam Lind MRI story. Shi Davidi tells us that the Jays had decided to do an MRI on Lind's foot before/without his mom's input. I never understand why teams...

Blue Jays stories of the season's first half


We've played 81 games now, half a season, and I thought that we should take a look at what the major story lines have been for the Blue Jays. Blue Jays are in first place. Of course this is the...

whatever doesn't kill you, makes you... Stranger


I'm going to repost something that JohnnyG wrote 3 years ago...It seems appropos now. I feel the same way tonight that Johnny did  then: angry. Now, I'm totally hoping that Edwin Encarnacion...

2014 MLB Draft Day Two Open Thread


The first two rounds and supplimental picks are now out of the way. I'm pretty happy with our first 3 choices. Today we get rounds 3 to 10. And things speed up, it should only be 1 minute...

Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?


We did this a few days ago, on Alex Anthopoulos, unfairly after the team had lost 3 games in a row. The results:  29% approved  41% were neutral 30% did not approve  With John Gibbons?...

On Liam Hendriks, spot starter candidate


When I spoke with Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos last Friday he was more than willing to dish out complements towards Liam Hendriks. In my mind it cannot be a coincidence that he made...

Who is the 'team to beat' in the AL East?


I thought I'd ask if you folks had changed your minds about who is the 'team to beat' in the AL East? With the Blue Jays bouncing around .500, you'd think we'd be falling back in the AL East but...

Alex Anthopoulos approval poll


Maybe it is unfair to run an approval poll when the team has lost three games in a row, but I am curious at what people think of Alex Anthopoulos. Alex was like a breath of fresh air when he was...

What changes would you make to the Blue Jays roste


Paul Swydan over at (subscription required) has a list of 4 changes that the Blue Jays need to make if they want to content. Lets take a look at his suggestions: 1. Find a solution at...

Poll time: Marcus Stroman or Dustin McGowan?


The Blue Jays have an interesting choice to make, the next time through the rotation either Marcus Stroman or Dustin McGowan will start. Stroman had a great start for Buffalo. Jeff Moore at...

Awful Announcing ranks Jays TV announcers 20th


Awful Announcing has ranked the MLB local TV announcers and our team of Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler are #20 out of 30. Here is what they Awful Announcing had to say: Analysis: No team received...

What to do with Dustin McGowan?


How long do we go with a starter that tires at 60 pitches?

Is the bullpen overworked?


A lot has been made of how overworked the Blue Jays bullpen is, especially after a couple of blowups in the past week. Aaron Loup had a bad time of it yesterday, and all I had in my twitter feed...

What to do if Adam Lind has to go on the DL?


This doesn't sound good: Lind compared the soreness to what he dealt with in 2011-12. Went on DL both years, hopes to avoid that this time but too early to say. — Gregor Chisholm (@gregorMLB) A...

Off day question


The Blue Jays played 13 games, sitting at 7-6, in a 3 way tie for first with the Yankees and Rays. Last year we were 6-7 at this point, 2.5 games behind Boston (we'd never be that close again). It...

Neil Wagner recalled, Marcus Walden optioned


After notching two saves for the Buffalo Bisons to begin 2014 (and going 18-for-18 in save opportunities since 2013), right-hander Neil Wagner has been recalled to the Blue Jays before Thursday...

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