Toronto Blue Jays Opinions

Sunday Open Thread

I wish the Jays would help us out, make some news, give us a halfway interesting rumor. Something. But no, they are continuing the most boring off-season ever. It is getting so bad that I'm looking...

Do 'one size fits all' philosophies work?

John Lott, in the National Post, wrote about our new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer and Ryan Goins. Seitzer seems to think Goins will be a productive hitter, with a few little changes to his swing...

Who would be on your ballot?

Everybody is writing about the Hall of Fame, with the announcement coming later today. We had our own votes, the results are here: I'm guessing that Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas will...

I want a real second baseman

I'm sure you've all seen this FanGraphs post from Jeff Sullivan about the worst position on a contending team, but if you haven't, go read it. First, thank you Jeff for calling the Blue Jays a...

Is Alex running out of time?

Richard Griffin figures that Alex  Anthopoulos time with the Jay's might come to an end without a winning season this year. His story is here. Richard also tells us that other GMs have figured...

The Jays must have a better plan at second base

Every now and then there is a line in a story that make you say 'you've got to be kidding me'. A couple of days ago (this was to go up the other day but the network was down), our pal Shi Davidi...

MiLB's Blue Jays Organizational All-Stars have posted their Blue Jays Organizational All-Stars. Let's take a look: Catcher: Derrick Chung Derrick played in Vancouver, 71 games, hitting .287/.341/.336 with 0 home runs and 21 RBI....

2013 Blue Jays Most Memorable Games: Tom's Picks

We are going to do a round of having each of us pick out our three most memorable games from this past season. Since I'm going first, I'm picking the low hanging fruit. Opening Day This is a...

Tuesday Afternoon Winter Meeting Open Thread

Mark Trumbo and Brett Anderson trades seem imminent. Not much for excitement for Blue Jays fans but here is a open thread to discuss the moves of the day. Here is a bit of news: Granderson said...

Do we need an old guy to be clubhouse leader?

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that the Blue Jays are one of a handful of teams looking at Jamey Carroll. Carroll will be 40 in February and last had a decent season, with the bat, in 2011. I so...

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