Playoff GameThreads

Jays Win, Jays Win, Jays Win


Did I mention that the Jays won?

Blue Jays get 3rd straight win


Blue Jays 6 Phillies 5 (10 innings) That might have been the most beautiful single of Jose Bautista's career. Just loved him going against the shift. It looked like a laugher. We were up 5-0 and D...

World Series Game 5 GameThread


After 37 or so shots of Farrell last night, you guys are going to have to do your own drinking game tonight. Tonight's starters: So how will tonight's game end?

GameThread: World Series Game 2


Yesterday's game was as depressing as everything this season has been. Tonight's starters: Try to remember the site rules, although it is very hard not to swear when they show that idiot...

GameThread World Series Game One


St. Louis Cardinals vs. some team from New England. Starting pitchers: Wainwright has a 1.57 ERA in the playoffs. Lester is at 2.33 for the playoffs.

GameThread for ALCS Game 6: Tigers at Red Sox


We went to see Gravity this afternoon. I liked it. Hopefully I'll like the baseball tonight too. That all depends on Max Scherzer, 9 shutout innings is all I ask for Max. If the Sox win, you are...

GameThread for game 6 NLCS


Game 6 of the NLCS is at 8:30 Eastern. Cards are up 3-2, so the Dodgers need this one.

GameThreads for October 16, 2013


To Write With a Broken Pencil is Pointless: GameThreads for October 16, 2013

GameThread for LCS games of October 15


Two games today: 4:00 Eastern: Red Sox at Tigers Starting pitchers: 8:00 Eastern: Cardinals at Dodgers Starting pitchers: W-L G GS CG SHO SV BS IP H R ER HR BB K ERA WHIP 2013 - ...

GameThread for Cardinals at Dodgers


After last night's game, I need a break from baseball. The baseball gods just have too lousy a sense of humor for my tastes. Tonight's starters: W-L G GS CG SHO SV BS IP H R ER HR BB K E...


Thanksgiving Playoff Game Thread: Tigers at Red So


A prefect Thanksgiving Day would include another loss by the Red Sox. Let's not be too greedy, we'll settle for holding them to 2 hits tonight. The game starts at 8:00 Eastern. I'm likely to miss...

GameThread for Playoff Games of October 12


Yeah, I'm late, meant to put this up before the start of the Dodgers/Cards game but ran out and didn't get back until now.

Give us your League Championship Series prediction


Let's use this as a game thread for tonight's game too. In our LDS prediction thread, three picked all four winners: jays182 and Knectick. In picking the number of games, jay182 was right on 3 of...

GameThread for Tigers at A's Game 5


The Tiger and A's are playing game 5 of their series tonight. Starting pitchers: Lineups:

GameThread Pirates/Cardinals Game 5


Only one game today, they are cutting us back slowly so we don't go into withdrawal too badly. It's at 8:00 Eastern. Tonight's pitchers: Lineups

Game Thread for Playoff Games of Tuesday October 8


We have two games today, the days of the four games in one day are over, with the Dodgers winning last night. 5:00 Eastern: A's at Tigers Starting pitchers: 8:30 Eastern (seems like a very late...

GameThread for Playoff games of Monday October 7


We have 4 games lined up for us today. That might be a bit much for even me. I'm going to watch the first game, but after that we'll see. At 1:00 Eastern: A's at Tigers This has been the good...

Game Thread for Playoff Games of Sunday October 6


We have two games today: At 4:30 Eastern: Cardinals at Pirates. The series is tied at a game each. Starting pitchers: At 8:00 Eastern: Braves at the Dodgers. The series is tied at a game each. S...

Open Thread and Game Thread for Playoff Games


I'm taking a day off from the site, having a family day. So let's have an open thread, can discuss whatever you like, and use this for a game thread for the two playoff games today. Rays and Red...

Game Thread For Playoff Games of Friday Oct. 4


I love that quote from Jack Harshman, a pitcher from the 1940's and 50's. Four games today, we are lucky people. At 1:00 Eastern: Pirates at Cardinals The Pirates lost game 1 last night....

GameThread for NLDS Games of Thursday, Oct. 3


I'm away for the start of the afternoon game, but should be back by the 3rd inning or so. First game at 5:00 Eastern is Pirates at Cardinals. Starting pitchers: Second game at 8:30 Eastern is B...

AL Wild Card GameThread Rays @ Indians


I'm looking forward to tonight's game, I think it should be a good one. Tonight's starting pitchers: Rays: Indians: Tonight's lineups: Lineup TAMPA BAY RAYS CLEVELAND INDIANS D...

NL Wild Card Game Thread


The quote is from Earl Wilson, who pitched for the Red Sox, back in the 50's. Tonight's NL Wild Card game has the Reds at Pittsburgh to play the Pirates. Reds Pitcher: Pirates Pitchers

Game Thread for Rays @ Rangers Tiebreaker Game


We have a sort of playoff game tonight, the Rays and the Rangers tied for the second wild card spot, so they get to have a game 163 this season. This morning, Minor Leaguer put up a poll asking...

NWL Championship GameThread: Hawks @ Canadians


The Vancouver Canadians (short-season A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays) are seeking to win back-to-back-to-back Northwest League Championships tonight in the deciding game against the Boise...

Blue Jays 3 Yankees 5: Extra inning sadness


Yankees 5 Blue Jays 3 (11 innings) There was a glimmer of hope there for a moment. Down 3 in the bottom of the 8th and we manage to tied it up. A single from Colby Rasmus, walk for Adam Lind, a...

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