Playoff GameThreads

Open Thread for Monday's Cardinals/Giants Game


Game Two of the series between the Cardinals and Giants is tonight at 8:00. Starting pitchers: The Giants lost the first two games at home in the series vs. the Red and yet still moved on, but...

Open Thread for Sunday Playoff Games


That was yet another great playoff game yesterday, glad to see the Tigers win. Too bad about Derek Jeter. I don't like the Yankees or Jeter but I don't want to see guys get hurt. The fun part is we...

Open Thread For Yankees/Tigers Game One


I guess I'm cheering for the Tigers, not that I can get up any enthusiasm about it. Cheering for the Tigers, with their $132,300,000 payroll, to beat the Yankees with their $197,962,289 salary...

Friday playoff thread


Two game 5's today. Orioles and Yankees start at 5:00 Eastern. Cardinals and Nationals at 8:30. I am doing this from my phone and it isn't easy, so keeping it short.

Open Thread for Thursday Playoff Games

Another day, another 4 playoff games. Yesterday, the two early games were boring blowouts. Cardinals beat the Nationals 8-0 and the Giants beat the Red 8-3. The night games were great baseball. I...

Open Thread for Wednesday's Playoff Games


4 Games Today.

Tuesday Playoff Open Thread


Two games today: 5:30 Eastern Giants at Reds. Reds lead the series 2-0, so this could be the last game for this series. Ryan Vogelson (14-9. 3.37) vs. Homer Bailey (13-10, 3.68). 9:00 Eastern T...

Open Thread for Holiday Monday Playoff Games


Hey, a day after eating roughly my weight in turkey and all, we have a couple of playoff games today. I'm likely to miss most of the action, my parents are in town and we have friends over but I'll...

Your Thanksgiving Playoff Open Thread


Grab a drumstick and join into the thread.

Open Thread for A's and Tigers, Reds and Giants


We have two games today. At 6:00 Eastern the A's play the Tigers. Rookie Jarrod Parker (13-8, 3.47) vs. Justin Verlander (17-8, 2.64). Looks like a mismatch but the A's have played great down the...

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