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The End of Game 5 of the World Series

Phillies 4 Rays 3 Most important news up top....no National Anthem tonight.....apparently Duran Duran wasn't available. Or half of Duran Duran wasn't available. Anyway....Phillies win the series....

OK....Now I Know They Are Playing With Me.....

I am running out the door but am here long to see the start of the game and the National Anthem. Now I thought having the Back Street Boys was scraping the bottom of the 'has been' barrel but...

Game Recap for Game 4 of the World Series

Phillies 10 Rays 2 I missed up and called it game 3 in the title of the game thread. To continue the topic of the Nation Anthem, Patti LaBelle screamed her way, slowly thru some vocal gymnastics....

Game Recap for World Series Game 2

Well the National Anthem was much much better with Los Lonely Boys tonight than yesterday's dramatic reading by Back Street Boys. The game itself wasn't a entertaining as yesterday's game....

Championship Series Day 9

Boston 4 Tampa Bay 2 Do you get the feeling the Sox don't start getting interested in a playoff series until they are a loss away from from being eliminated? They were terrible this series until...

Championship Series Day 8

Boston 8 Tampa Bay 7 So the Rays win in 5 and are going to the World Ser.....what? Sox won? No no.....Rays were up 7-0, Sox couldn't hit anything. Fangraphs had it as a 99.3% chance of Rays win,...

Championship Series Day 7

Phillies 5 Dodgers 1 I did pick the Phillies to win this series but figured it to be 6 or 7 games. I'm sure we all were having second thoughts about our wish to have JP go after Furcal this off...

Championship Series Day 6

Rays 3500 Red Sox 4 What? That wasn't the final? I'll admit I gave up on it by about the 5th. Sox have given up 31 runs in the last three games. Who would have thought they would be this awful?...

Championship Series Day 4

Dodgers 7 Phillies 2 Well that was over early, the world's oldest man, Jamie Moyer (at least in baseball years) gave up 6 runs in an inning and a third and that was pretty much the game. 6 hits, a...

Championship Series Day 1

Phillies 3  Dodgers 2 Another great playoff game, this should be a heck of a series. A baseball truism is that the winning team will generally score more runs in one any than the other team will...

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