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Day 3 of the Winter Meetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The Winter Meetings have been quite boring so far--there has been a few free agent signings but we are still waiting for that big trade to analyze. It has been almost completely silent on the Blue...

Day 2 of the Tennessee Waltz


Dedicated to Patti Page, who just turned 85 last month.

Winter Meetings Day 1 Open Thread


Anybody who's somebody in baseball will be in Nashville this week for the annual Baseball Winter Meetings. Nobody from Bluebird Banter will be there, but we did chat about it last night.

Failed Prospects: Dishonourable Mentions


With the recent release of the (now outdated) Fangraphs Top 15 and Baseball America Top 10 prospects lists, ranking season is upon us once again. Prospecting, along with most other things in...

John Gibbons Named New Blue Jays Manager


Just after midnight Eastern time, Hall of Fame baseball journalist Bob Elliot of the Toronto Sun drops a bombshell on already stunned Blue Jays fans: John Gibbons is returning as Toronto's next...

Farrell, Anthopoulos, Royle, and "Source"


Sportswriter Jen Royle tweeted about the "friction" that exists between Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell and general manager Alex Anthopoulos, citing an anonymous source. We look at why that...

A Minor Bird: It's Always Next Season with the Jays


Lamenting the Jays disastrous season: "These are the excuses that management will trot out in the post-mortem at season’s end, but they’re nothing more than simple talking points that insult a hungry fanbase. Every team has injuries. Every team has a major component whose season falls short. Simply put the Jays lacked the depth to compete in the too strong AL East, and have fallen behind even the lowly Orioles of Baltimore. To cite this 2012 season as anything other than an unmitigated disaster would be an insult to unmitigated disasters. Hell, the Mets are having a better season. The As. The damned Pittsburgh Pirates."

Trades, Free Agents, and Rule 5 Selections in Franchise History


The Blue Jays have made 13 trades so far in 2011, the most in franchise history for any calendar year. How have the annual number of trades and free agent signings changed since 1976?


Blue Jays are 4th in Minor League Organizational Standings

In 2011, the seven domestic minor league affiliates* of the Toronto Blue Jays organization finished with an overall record of 410-356, which is good for a .535 winning percentage, and fourth...

The Star's Richard Griffin tries his hand at scouting


Love this old quote by AA on how he views the amateur draft: "An average draft is getting one above-average player," Anthopoulos said after taking over in October. "If we can go from one to two (per draft), while certainly there's an incremental cost, the value to our organization will be tenfold."

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