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What's McGriff been doing for the Jays?

This bit caught my eye from Bob Elliott's recent column: And their only changes to date are behind the plate — adding Dioner Navarro and Erik Kratz — plus feel-good story Roy Halladay, who in...

We should have Cito Gaston Day more often. Jays beat Yankees.


Yankees 4 Blue Jays 8 Now that was a game that's start, middle and end was perfect. A great and very well deserved tribute to Cito. Very nice to see Joe Carter, George Bell and Pat Hentgen again....

Share your favorite Cito moment.


Since we are celebrating Cito today I thought we'd ask folks for their favorite Cito moment. It might be something in person or something during a game or a quote or whatever you would like but...

Appreciating Cito Gaston


Since it is Cito Gaston Appreciation Day, I thought we should talk about what Cito does well. We point out things he doesn't do well quite often enough.  I got an email awhile back (one of those...

Great Bob Elliott column on Cito


With Cito Gaston's managerial swan song, there's a lot of ink being spilled, but this is a really great read by Bob Elliott. There's all kinds of stuff about his early days in San Antonio and how he was signed that I didn't know much of anything about. There's also Cito's picks for five best and worst moments of his career, along with his all time Jays team.


Remembering Stan the Man

If you've read Cito's farewell open letter to the fans in the Star, one part might have left you wondering. Just before signing off with a thank you, he mentions three departed people in his...

Does Cito Belong in the Hall of Fame?


Last Friday, in the Star, Dave Perkins wrote that Cito belongs in the Hall of Fame. I really hadn't thought about it much, so let's take a look and have a poll. There are only 20 people that have...

Blue Jays will pay tribute to Cito


Classy move by the Jays - wish I could be there to give Cito a nice round of applause. A commemorative ticket is a bit boring - need a Cito bobblehead doll for the fans (or can double as a voodoo dolls for the haters). "Joe Carter and Pat Hentgen, two key members of Gaston's two World Series championship clubs with Toronto in 1992 and '93, will be on hand and will join current Blue Jays in honoring Gaston, the club announced on Thursday. The first 35,000 fans will receive a commemorative ticket and accompanying lanyard upon entry. "

So what sort of manager would you like?


What are the qualities you'd want in a manager for the Blue Jays?

Backing Slightly Away From the Ledge, A Calmer Look at the Jay's Coaching Changes


With a couple of nights to sleep on it, a more balanced look at the Jay's coaching changes

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