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UPDATE: Shi Davidi Confirms Hale As Bench Coach


Did the Blue Jays Hail for DeMarlo?

Manager Prospects: Don Wakamatsu


Don Wakamatsu, who served as Toronto's bench coach in 2011 and 2012. The former Seattle Mariners manager may be getting a serious look as the next skipper of the Blue Jays to replace John Farrell....

Where are they now: Don Wakamatsu


The Seattle Times catches up with former Mariners manager Don Wakamtsu. One tidbit that interested me is how Wakamatsu describes the Jays being after him as a coach as soon as he fell out of contention for the managerial gig. While I know that new 1B coach Torey Lovullo is closest to new manager John Farrell, I kind of had the impression that new bench coach Wakamatsu was another of his picks rather than a Jays management pick. It probably overstates things to say a coach was a pick of either the manager's or the team's, as presumably the choices are made together. Nevertheless, it seems like Lovuloo is the only one of the coaches that we can really say would have been suggested by Farrell. Don't think it's a problem or anything, just observing.

Wednesday's Frosty Mug


Some things to read while waiting it out. It's speculation season, but there's a reason it's also called "silly season." Yesterday Peter Gammons reported that the Brewers could consider trading...

The Candidate Collection: Some Likely Suspects


Today's trio features at least one guy the Brewers will interview for sure, along with one that's expressed interest: Former Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin. Former Orioles interim manager Juan...

David Aardsma improves season by throwing fewer fastballs


Per Geoff Baker ------------------------------------ After a disappointing first half to this season, Mariners closer David Aardsma was called in for a chat with his boss. Former manager Don Wakamatsu asked Aardsma to look deep within himself to figure out whether he was doing all he could to remain an elite level closer. When Aardsma replied that he wasn't, the two men broke down all the elements of his outings and determined Aardsma needed to throw his fastball less often. "I was throwing a lot of fastballs," said Aardsma, who threw a major-league high 87 percent fastballs last year, but is now down to 77 percent and using his splitter and slider more. "I was trying to attack guys with fastballs and trying to beat them with fastballs constantly when I have several other pitches that can be successful. And make my fastball better." ..... On Sunday, Aardsma got his 31st save in 36 opportunities with two weeks left. Last year, he had 38 saves in 42 chances, meaning he's blown only one more save this season despite his admittedly poor first half. "Every day, after I get done throwing, I throw a bunch of off-speed stuff," Aardsma said. "And then, I get in the game and it's like 'Oh my god, I'm throwing more strikes with it and I've got better stuff. Why didn't I do that all year?' " But the game, he said, is about making continuous adjustments. Aardsma felt too many hitters were sitting back waiting on his fastball, to the point where they could foul off even his best strikeout pitches. "If I didn't make that adjustment, I might not have been around too much longer," he said. ------------------------------------

More Jim Riggleman/Washington Nationals' Manager Talk...Weekly Update.


More Jim Riggleman/Washington Nationals' Manager Talk...Weekly Update.

TLR coaching for NL


Manuel, Torre, and TLR vs. Maddon, Hillman, Wakamatsu. The brain waves are hurting my intellect already.

Maddon Selects ASG Bench Coaches


Kansas City's Trey Hillman and Seattle's Don Wakamatsu. Kinda suprised that Mike Scioscia wasn't selected, but good to see KC getting a bit of love.

Sun Devil Alumni in MLB: Initial Progress Report


Checking in on former ASU players now playing in MLB.

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