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Banking Insight Comes From Pitcher’s Sore Arm


Gil Meche is the solution to global fiscal recovery...

We Are the Sultans of Swing: Next Series Pitchers Preview


Previews of the Kansas City Royals starting pitchers for the last three games of the TOR - KC series 27-30 April 2009.

Fangraphs ranks the Royals System


Overall: C- The Royals are a clear step ahead of the previous three teams, but still have an awful lot of work to do before they could ever be considered a legitimate World Series contender. Unfortunately, the moves the team has been making over the last year don’t inspire an awful lot of confidence that the team is going to make the necessary transition in philosophy, and filling out the roster with replacement level veterans is simply never going to work. With a smaller paryoll, they have to emulate the Cleveland/Oakland/Minnesota/Atlanta philosophies of getting big returns on small invetments, and right now, that’s just not happening in Kansas City. Suffice to say: Ouch.

The 3400 Club


Anyone see SNL last weekend? They had a really awful skit where Kristen Wiig played a mischievous kid named Gilly. It was so unfunny, but yet I find myself saying "Gilly" the way Will Forte hectored her. Gilly! Gilly? Gilly.... Anyway, I have a feeling I will be using this when Meche pitches. Back to baseball, Rotoauthority thinks Gil is AT RISK for 2009 due to being part of the 3400 Club, which I imagine is more exclusive than being part of the 700 Club. Planet Zack is listed as among the most risk averse pitchers next year.

10 reasons to hate the...Kansas City Royals


1. They are named after a livestock showApparently the "Royals" name is a tribute to the American Royal Livestock Show that is held annually in Kansas City. Isn't Middle America adorable?2. They...

Master of his Domain.


via www.fangraphs.com Summary: If you had told me before this game that we were set up for a pitcher's duel, I might've asked you if you needed to be in rehab. The second ML start for a young...

Gil Meche Throws 124 Pitches for Absolutely No Reason


In Game 156, on September 24th, in a game between two losing teams Gil Meche threw 124 pitches. Meche went into uncharted territory in terms of innings pitched in his career three starts ago. But,...

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