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2013 NHL trade deadline open thread


Starting around 9 AM and running until the 3 PM trade deadline, drop by Raw Charge and discuss the moves (or lack thereof) around the league today.

Day 3 of the Winter Meetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The Winter Meetings have been quite boring so far--there has been a few free agent signings but we are still waiting for that big trade to analyze. It has been almost completely silent on the Blue...

Farrell, Anthopoulos, Royle, and "Source"


Sportswriter Jen Royle tweeted about the "friction" that exists between Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell and general manager Alex Anthopoulos, citing an anonymous source. We look at why that...

Juventus vs Palermo: Previews & Contests


Fire it up you pirate-hookers, Serie A's back in town! Fire what up exactly? I'm not sure. Could be cigarettes, peyodie, an old smelly couch, your ex-girlfriend's busted-ass weave... whatever your...

Chicago Fire Rumor Mill Updates: Diego Chaves, Vicente Sanchez, Abraham Gonzalez, Dimitris Salpigidis, Wilman Conde, Pavel Pardo, and Real Espana


The Hot Time In Old Town crew has been experimenting with new some sidebar boxes in order to improve our coverage and information on the Chicago Fire. One of these sidebars is the Chicago Fire...

Managers, Media And Madness: Aston Villa And The Sixth Circle Of Hell


Aston Villa have been connected to a multitude of managers since Gerard Houllier resigned. But are any of these names realistic, or is it simply the media seeking a story?

The Kitty Litter: June 7th Findings


   The Kitty Litter is a weekly article that showcases and looks at the intricate and interesting stories that might just have to be sifted through so you can find a real treasure. Todays...

Managerial Rumor: Mark Hughes Leaves Fulham To Take Over Aston Villa


Rumor has it that Mark Hughes will leave Fulham on Thursday in order to accept the manager position at Aston Villa. The club confirmed on Wednesday that Gerard Houllier was leaving Villa.

Speculation: Blue Jackets interested in Lee?


Examining the rumours that the Blue Jackets are interested in Senators defenseman Brian Lee.



HockeyBuzz Buzzing?HockeyBuzz.com is reporting a rumour that local boy Anson Carter will be signing a two year deal with the Leafs. Last year he flourished with 33-22-55 (except a -1) playing with...

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