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Salary Arbitration Hearings: A Blue Jays History And How They Work


The Toronto Blue Jays haven't had to head to a salary arbitration hearing with a player since 1997, but may have to go to two hearings this February. How has the club done in their previous eight...

Breaking New York Rangers News: Dubinsky Signs Four-Year Deal


Breaking New York Rangers News: Dubinsky Signs 4 Year Deal

Shea Weber's arbitration: How the Process Works


Since the pros at ESPN and The Sporting News can't seem to get the story right, I thought it might help to lay out the details of how salary arbitration works in the NHL.

Wednesday Rockpile: Examining Colorado's Arbitration WAR Surplus


How the Rockies made out like bandits (relatively) with their arbitration eligible players this offseason.

Mason Raymond Files For Salary Arbitration


No surprise here. I'm still wondering what a judge would give him (guessing $3 million), and whether or not Mike Gillis can swing a deal with him prior to the hearing date, which is still about 3 weeks away. To quote bitterguy: Raymond hasn’t signed his qualifying offer (edit) and will head to arbitration (/edit), which means other teams can’t give him an offer sheet. It’s one reason that the qualifying offer was so low, so that he wouldn’t sign it. It basically ensures that the team and his agent negotiate on the way to arbitration, which is exactly what happened with Wellfed last year. he likely won’t be signed until right before arbitration, or might even get to arbitration.

MLB Transactions Part Eight: Free Agency


A Colorado Rockies fan's comprehensive look at MLB Free Agency and draft pick compensation.

MLB Transactions Part Four: Salary Arbitration Wrapup and ML Service Time


A Rockies fan's comprehensive look at Major League service time.

Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals Agree On 1-Year Deal...

MLB.com's Bill Ladson has the story, in an article entitled, "Nats' Zimmerman avoids arbitration." Ryan Zimmerman, The Face of the Washington franchise, signed a 1-year/$3.325M dollar deal. Zimmerman was seeking $3.9M while the Nationals were offering $2.65/$2.75/ or $2.56 depending on where you're reading(they're just facts)... Zimmerman avoids arbitration. Stephen Strasburg pitches the first game of his draft year. I'm trying to find some way of tracking Strasburg tonight, check back this evening for more...

Washington Nationals: Spring Training 2009: Ryan Zimmerman vs The Washington Nationals...Bottom Of the 9th For Negotiations Before Arbitration.


Ryan Zimmerman still hasn't signed with the Washington Nationals, so it might be arbitration tomorrow. SMILEYGATE gets weirder, and Elijah Dukes is already standing out this Spring.

Josh Willingham, Nationals Agree On $2.95M, Avoiding Arbitration...Uh, Zimmerman, Please?

ROSCOEtheNATSfan just saw this MLB.com Bill Ladson story entitled, "Willingham, Nats avoid arbitration", and linked to it in our Comments section, the link above is to the Nationals' Official Site. Now, how about getting Ryan Zimmerman inked? Huh? - thanks, Roscoe...
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