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Jays void contract of Luis Castro


The Blue Jays have voided the contract of Luis Castro after the Venezuelan shortstop did not pass his physical, according to a source familiar with the contract. Castro, 16, had agreed to terms with the Blue Jays for $800,000 when the international signing period opened July 2 and had ranked as the No. 9 international prospect. Since the contract was never finalized, Castro will not receive his bonus and will become a free agent.

Jays sign 15th rounder Ryan Borucki


As per Jim Callis twitter below, $326K will count against the budget since the slot is $100K. Jim Callis@jimcallisBA #BlueJays sign 15th-rder Ryan Borucki for $426k. Illinois HS RHP throws 90-93, tweaked elbow in March. #mlbdraft

Jays sign 16th rounder Will Dupont


Bob Elliott from the Toronto Sun tweeted that Jays have signed Dupont. However, I could not find any information about the amount though. DuPont out of Wildwood, Mo., committed to MSU last year but informed MSU coaches Tuesday he'd be signing a professional contract with Toronto. The deadline for draft picks to sign before the franchise loses its rights to the player is Friday.

Kellogg officially a Sun Devil, won't be signing with Blue Jays


The drafted thread disappeared so just posting a quick fanshot here. From his twitter account: Ryan Kellogg ‏@Ry_Kellogg officially a Sun Devil! Hopefully I'll be given a chance to be a Blue Jay again in 3 years but for now it's all about ASU

Keith Law chat transcript - 3/22/2012


Here is Keith Law's chat transcript from today. I've pulled out the Jays related questions/answers. The Beede quote below made it sound like he was hurt, anyone know anything about this? About Tyler Beede Ian (Toronto) Hey Keith. The Jays missed out on signing Tyler Beede, much to the disappointment of fans. Now that time has passed and we have more data on Beede, do you think this is a miss the Jays will come to regret? Klaw (1:13 PM) No. And they didn't miss out. The two sides couldn't agree on how healthy he was, so the discussion fell apart. He has not looked good so far this year, according to a half-dozen scouts I've talked to who've seen him. About Joey Votto: Ron (Toronto) It seems like for the next two years, there will be an endless Joey Votto-Blue Jays discussion in Toronto. Given the Jays likely timeline and team needs, is Votto the player you would suggest they go "all-in" on, whether it's in free agency, a trade, or a trade and extension? Klaw (1:46 PM) Great player, but I don't get the whole "sign every Canadian you can" concept. How about just signing the best players? About Delgado/Doc Daniel (Charlotte) What is the single greatest 1 game performance you have scouted? Klaw (2:14 PM) Can I count two from Toronto? Delgado's four-homer game, or Halladay's 99-pitch 10-inning CG against that awful Tigers team in 2003. Took a no-hitter into the 8th when Kevin Witt broke it up. I don't buy into the whole "inevitability" thing, but those were two instances were I felt from early in the game that I was watching something different.

Dustin McGowan to start on Sunday and Join Blue Jays Rotation for Rest of Season


You want it? You got it. As per Wilner's tweet from Farrell: Wilnerness590 Mike Wilner Farrell: McGowan is in rotation for rest of season (4 starts), will get 80-85 pitches three times, then extend if all good. #Bluejays #jays

Hechavarria called up to Vegas


Adeiny was called up to Vegas today to begin another step towards heading to the show. Congrats Hech!

Mitchell Taylor Pitching Perfection


With 5 innings of a perfect game the other day, Taylor joins Nicolino and Molina in a 5 inning no-hitter this year.

Rajai says being in Toronto is "Divine"


Nice positive article on Rajai's influence in the clubhouse so far... always nice to hear this about a new guy. He's definitely grown on me.

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