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In the News: Rumours Update

In an article in yesterday's Toronto Sun, J.P. Ricciardi puts an end to some of the rumours that had been circulating recently.

The article reports that trade discussions involving Brad Wilkerson and Kevin Mench have subsided:

"We're not going to be getting either of them," Ricciardi said yesterday of Wilkerson and Mench. "The price is too steep. I think it's extremely tough for us to get one of them at this point.

In addition, J.P. admitted that he had no interest in acquiring Milton Bradley. I guess that helps explain why Dodgers GM Ned Colletti wasn't able to get more in return from the A's.

Ricciardi also put the brakes on rumblings that he was interested in acquiring Los Angeles Dodgers bad boy Milton Bradley.

"No, definitely not," Ricciardi said of the gifted outfielder who has been a problem child during his stays in both Cleveland and Los Angeles.

Luckily, the article isn't completely devoid of good news. J.P. expressed virtually no interest in trading Orlando Hudson:

Although a few teams have expressed interest in second baseman Orlando Hudson, Ricciardi said he's not shopping him.

"That's a misconception that's out there," Ricciardi said. "We've had some calls on him but nothing that makes sense to us. Before we'd move Orlando we'd really have to be bowled over."