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Hillenbrand as a Slugger?

From the Toronto Star online:

Coming soon to a computer gaming store nearest you, watch Shea Hillenbrand morph from a 233-pound redundant Blue Jays infielder into a sleeker, quicker, 30-homer threat and 100-RBI man. That's what Hillenbrand hopes will be the result of his first foray into computer-assisted hitting courtesy of Tony Dello, a friend and minor league batting instructor in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization...

"It gives you about 10 stages of the swing," Hillenbrand said.

The printouts come from a computer software program Dello uses to break down the swings of sluggers like Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Bobby Abreu. Hillenbrand has studied them all and incorporated elements into what he calls "a 100 per cent overhaul" of his approach to the ball.

I don't think too much of Shea Hillenbrand to be honest. He doesn't walk often enough, and he doesn't have enough power to play first base. On a few teams he could work out as a third basemen, but with Koskie and Hill on the team I'm not sure he fits with the Jays. With that said, if he can bring his game up somewhat, say 20+ homeruns with more doubles, I'd like to see him as the team's DH since he is affordable. I don't expect him to morph into a monster, since a lot of power and hitting ability comes from one's batting eye, which does not get better with weight lifting. We'll see though. What do you expect from Hillenbrand in 2006? Answer in the poll.