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Live Press Conference

If you're interested in watching Troy Glaus' and Lyle Overbay's press conference, it'll be shown live on the Blue Jays' official website. The press conference is running a little late at the moment, but it should begin shortly.

Update [2005-12-21 19:52:48 by mark w]: The press conference just ended. It went by rather quickly, but it was informative nonetheless.

For one, I was way off with my assumption that Corey Koskie would play third base. Both J.P. Ricciardi and Glaus made it quite clear that Glaus will start the season there.

Secondly, when asked whether he'll have to make a trade to solve the glut of corner infielders the team has, J.P. said he doesn't feel an additional trade would be necessary. I assume that was nothing but a PR maneuver, however. Additionally, J.P. also referred to Shea Hillenbrand as one of the four big bats in the Blue Jays' lineup (along with Glaus, Overbay, and Vernon Wells). Perhaps that suggests he's leaning towards keeping him in favour of Koskie and Eric Hinske.