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Welcome to Bluebird Banter!

Hello Jays fans, welcome to Bluebird Banter, SB Nation's Blue Jays community weblog. It's already been an interesting offseason, and we have some serious catching up to do (starting with the trade that is happening as we speak involving a certain talented first basemen), so we hope you decide to come here for a place to discuss trades, signings, games, or whatever else it is that happens to be on your mind. You can do that by utilizing the diary feature that I love so dearly here at SB Nation. On the right sidebar, you will see diaries listed, posted by the authors of this site or its registered users. There are rules to the diaries, such as a 300 character limit, and of course, acting politely towards other members of the community, etc. Speaking of registered users, we'd love for you to sign up for your own username so we can get more of a sense of community here.

For those who have no idea who I am (lets see...all but 3 of you) I write for Beyond the Box Score (an SB Nation sister site) and for Baseball Digest Daily. The Jays are a team I enjoy watching greatly, and I am excited for their future thanks to a strong farm system and extra money to pump into free agents. My favorite Blue Jay is without a doubt Roy Halladay...I think Roy is the reason I love to be honest. My second favorite Blue Jay just joined the team tonight. Lyle Overbay is one of my favorite players in the league, so it is nice that he joined up with the Jays. I'll have my thoughts on that in another post though.

A few quick thoughts of mine on the Jays: I love Orlando Hudson. Russ Adams is better than he has shown. Aaron Hill may be very good. Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in the American League, and possibly in baseball if Roger Clemens is done playing. The Jays bullpen is young and will get better with aging. Dustin McGowan will be an ace pitcher someday to compliment Roy Halladay. I trust J.P. Ricciardi, even if he did spend money pretty freely lately. If there is anything else anyone would like to know, feel free to ask me via comment! Once again, welcome to Bluebird Banter!