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More Recent Blue Jays News Briefs

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*According to the Globe and Mail's Jeff Blair and more recently on, the Jays are one of the few teams left on Bengie Molina's Shortlist. Molina's agent was quoted saying that the Jay have a "very good, very fair offer on the table".

To be honest, I am not over stoked about this. I feel like Molina - 31 on opening day - is on his downward curve of his career. Although there were no figures were given, it would be a good bet to expect at least 3years and 5mil/yrs. Brian Schneider got a just  16mil/4yrs deal from the Washington Nationals, even with the 2 year age difference, Molina is a better and more established catcher, and will receive more cash. I don't feel comfortable having the Jays dish out a large contract to Molina.

*On tuesday, according to, the Blue Jays complete a minor trade with the Cleveland Indians, sending minor league RHP Bubbie Buzachero while receiving a minor league LHP Brian Tallet.

Neither Buzachero, 24, nor Tallet, 28, are expected to compete for an spot on opening day roster for their respective major league teams.

*On another report from, the remaining two arbitration eligible players, Shea Hillenbrand and Pete Walker, are asking for a lot more cash than the Jays are offering. Hillenbrand reportedly asked for $6.7 million while the Jays offer was $5 million, while Walked asked for $850,000 while the Jays countered with $575,000.

$6.7 million and $850,000 for Hillenbrand and Walker respectively is definitely too much. If Hillenbrand wins his arbitration case, lets hope he follows through on his promise and jack 30HRs and 100+RBIs to make his contract worth its prize.

*On a side note, Bronson Arroyo has agreed to a 3 year deal worth somewhere in the range of $11-$12 million.

At the time when Josh Towers signed with the Jays for $5.2mil/2yrs, I thought it was a great deal. When I saw the news that of the Bronson Arroyo signing, I was ecstatic.

Towers and Arroyo, separated by 2 days at birth, was essentially the same pitcher over the past 2 years. Towers has improved and had ERA+ of 95 and 120 in the 2 previous seasons, while Arroyo has declined and had ERA+ of 121 and 98 in the 2 previous seasons.

The Boston front office is making JP look really smart for locking up Towers early.