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Excuse for the Quiet

Hello there everyone. We've been sort of quiet at Bluebird Banter for two reasons as of late. The first being that there is absolutely no news to report in regards to the Blue Jays, and two, we are in the midst of putting together a list of the top 40 Blue Jays of all-time. We figure this will give us something to work on until it is time for team previews and we can start talking about spring training, and it will be fun for debate of course. I figured I'd let the readers we have know this, and know that we are not abandoning you all. Also, when the season actually does get underway, the format of the site will be somewhat different, as we will continue to have news and analysis, but also game reviews and open threads for game. This is a community as much as it is an analysis site, and we hope you join us throughout the season at Bluebird Banter.