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Koskie Update

According to, the Minnesota Twins have passed on Corey Koskie. Once thought to be the team most interested in acquiring him, they've decided to back out because his contract would put them over their projected 2006 budget.

The Blue Jays offered to send Corey Koskie back to Minnesota for a bargain price, but talks between the clubs ended without a deal, a Toronto official said.

"I don't see a deal happening with Minnesota," Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi told the Star Tribune Wednesday.

The Blue Jays were willing to pay at least $3 million of the $11.5 million former Twins third baseman Koskie is owed for the next two seasons, and Toronto wasn't asking for premium prospects in return.

Obviously, this is disappointing. Although, this does reinforce the fact that Shea Hillenbrand would garner the most interest from other teams. With Minnesota out of the running for Koskie's services, I can't think of another team that sorely needs an upgrade at third base. Well, perhaps Tampa Bay (who will likely open the season with Sean Burroughs as their starting 3B), but I don't envision them loosening the purse strings to acquire Koskie.