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Frank Thomas a Blue Jay(???)

According to various reports (,, Globe and Mail), the Jays are about to sign Frank Thomas to a 2-year deal worth between $20-$30million dollars with a club option for a 3rd. After not hearing much news from the Blue Jays camp thus far this offseason, this is certainly a huge splash. A healthy Thomas would certainly add a huge presence in our lineup that already inclues Glaus, Wells, and Rios, and would add the the murderer's row of hard hitting righties in the middle of our lineup.

What are everyone's thought on this? Personally, I think if Thomas can stay healthy, $10-$15mil/yr might actually be a bargain. Thomas has been a hitting machine all his life and I feel like he will continue to be into his 40s, his certain will certainly be felt in the Blue Jays' lineup. Kudos to J.P. for acting early and making a big splash in the free-agent market.

Now, we just have to wait for the official news. More on this later.

Update [2006-11-16 13:9:11 by Alpheus Chan]:

Latest report from The Globe and Mail says that the contract is $18mil/2yr with an option for a 3rd year that makes the contract $30mil in total. $9mil/yr sounds a lot better than $12mil/yr, this deal sounds better by the second.