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Bob Elliott: Blue Jays' Five Worst Winter Meetings

Today's a rather slow news day, but I came across a recent column by Bob Elliot of the Toronto Sun. I'd say a few of the items on this list were actually advantageous for the Blue Jays, including this offseason's non-signing of Gil Meche. By the way, whatever happened to Joey Hamilton? It seems like he's been out of the game forever, but he's only 36! Looking back, he was a pioneer of sorts, blazing trails for pitching mediocrities with aspirations of unwarranted fortune.

2. 2006 -- The Jays get beat by two last-place teams, the Royals for free agents RHP Gil Meche and the Cubs for LHP Ted Lilly. Call it oh-for-Orlando.

3. 1998 -- RHP Joey Hamilton is acquired from the Padres as the Jays give up RHP Woody Williams in Nashville. Jays made Hamilton the second highest paid player in terms of service time. He wins 14 games in less than three seasons and is released. Williams wins 96 games.