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2006 Team Preview: Toronto Blue Jays, Positional Players

Marc Normandin posted his season preview of this year's edition of the Toronto Blue Jays. It includes a position-by-position breakdown of this year's team compared to the 2005 version. For example, here are his views on the team's second base situation:

2005: Orlando Hudson .271/.315/.412; +7.93 pNRAA; +10.39 pNRAA/GP

2006: Aaron Hill .269/.330/.399; +2.51 pNRAA; +3.09 pNRAA/GP

One move I did not like all that much was jettisoning Orlando Hudson. I think keeping him at second base, while moving Aaron Hill to shortstop to replace the defensively challenged Russ Adams may have been for the best. Gustavo Chacin and Josh Towers would have continued to benefit from the infield defense (as they need to), and the Jays would have been able to make up for some of the defense lost at third with the acquisition of Troy Glaus. Of course, Arizona wanted Orlando Hudson for the same reason; to make Brandon Webb (4.34 G/F ratio in 2005; 3.78 for his career) even deadlier on the mound.

Aaron Hill is a capable replacement at second base, and I think PECOTA may have cut some of his defensive ability out from under him with his weighted mean projection. I think Hill will end up with a rate of 7.51 pNRAA, rather than the lower figure given. If his offensive abilities can grow somewhat, it could be even higher.

Seriously, check it out.