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The Green(e)s We've Known

To give St. Patrick's Day a certain Blue Jays flavour, let's celebrate the four players with either the surname Green or Greene who once played for Toronto.

Shawn Green, OF:

By far the most recognizable and accomplished among the four, Green played for the Blue Jays from 1993-1999. He once had a 28-game hitting streak that spanned more than a month (June 29st, 1999 - July 31st, 1999).

Charlie Greene, C:

Since this list doesn't have a minimum games played requirement, Greene is able to make the list despite only having played in three games with the Jays. In fact, his time in the majors was so short (55 GP) that prior to this list I wasn't even aware he played in the majors, nor have I been able to find a picture of him. Alhough, I'm sure he's a very handsome fellow.

Todd Greene, C

Todd Greene is one of those players "who could've been." He displayed tremendous power as an up-and-coming prospect with the Angels during the mid-'90s, highlighted by the 25 home runs he hit in only 260 at-bats while playing for the Angels' AAA club in '96. However, he only played with the Jays for one season, as their third string catcher. Even as a young teenager, I was aware that he wasn't doing that well, if only because he was below Alberto Castillo on the depth chart.

Willie Greene, 3B

Although he was absolutely awful with the Blue Jays (.204/.266/.394), he enjoyed some prior success with the Cincinnati Reds. He drew quite a few walks and displayed some power (remember, powerful third basemen weren't as prevalent then as they are now). However, he got a reputation as an underachiever who needed to improve his work ethic. In retrospect, it's really quite amazing that he faded as quickly as he did (out of baseball only a few days after he turned 29).

Okay, so it's likely that only one these players is ever remembered as a Blue Jays. And yes, I couldn't exactly find a picture of the last three from when they were with the Blue Jays. However, each of them has either the surname Green or Greene, and for this list, that's all that matters.

Anyway, I'm off to finally begin the festivities. Remember, everyone, drink responsibly.