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2006 Blue Jays Giveaways

I've been frantically typing away in an attempt to finish a 15-page essay I have to hand in this Monday. Every term, I know I should pace myself in order to not only improve the quality of my work, but, more importantly, to avoid the unnecessary stress. But it never happens, and I'm pretty sure I'll be in the same predicament next year. Oh well, at least I have the comfort of knowing that most, if not all, of my friends and classmates are in the same bind. Three cheers to collective suffering!

On a more positive note, I recently picked up a 2006 Blue Jays schedule from Rogers Video. Among other interesting tidbits of information, it lists all of this year's giveaways and when they'll be handed out:

* denotes that the giveaway is limited to the first 5,000 kids who are 14 years old or under.

** denotes that the giveaway is limited to the first 10,000 fans.

April 4 - April 6: Magnet Schedule courtesy of the Toronto Star

April 9: Russ Adams Kid's T-Shirt*

April 19: Blue Jays Pencil Case*

April 21 - April 23: Scratch and Win Cards

May 7: ACE Plush Toy*

May 11: Blue Jays Pencil Case*

May 28: Vernon Wells Bobblehead**

June 11: Kid's Baseball Glove*

June 15: Blue Jays Pencil Case* (They sure will be giving away a lot of these, it seems)

June 25: Blue Jays Mr. Potato Head* (Too bad this will only be limited to children)

July 2: Mr. Sub Sports Bag**

July 16: Blue Jays Cap**

July 21: Aruba Night Giveaway** (I have no clue what this means)

August 6: Cito Gaston Bobblehead** (This date has just been circled on my calendar)

August 9: Blue Jays Pencil Case*

August 27: Back to School Giveaway* (Poor children must constantly be reminded of having to go back to school)

September 17: Adult T-Shirt**

September 24: Scarf, Glove, and Toque Set**