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A Few Quirky Jays Stories

It seems like Roy Halladay and A.J. Burnett have really hit it off. They train together, practice together, and even arrive at the ballpark together. In other words, they've been practically inseparable. Well, Russ Adams and Aaron Hill must've thought so, too, since they recently paid for t-shirts that featured Halladay and Burnett with the words "Brokeback Mound" written on them. Well, as today's Toronto Star reports, the pitchers enacted some revenge:

Aaron Hill and Russ Adams, the Blue Jays' young second base/shortstop combination, were surprisingly "married" -- the surprise being entirely theirs -- in a team-building prank yesterday orchestrated by pitchers Roy Halladay and A.J. Burnett.

With April Fool's Day only a couple days away, it'd definitely be nice to have pockets as deep as theirs:

"They didn't miss anything," said Adams, wedding cake still in his hair. "They had a deejay, a freakin' videographer or whatever you call it, a fondue pot, gifts ... well, gag gifts.

"We spent maybe one-hundredth of what they must've spent."

Asked what he thought Halladay and Burnett spent, Adams said: "Enough to let you know not to mess with them again."

"They out-funded us," laughed Hill.

He and Adams will make roughly $700,000 (all figures U.S.) this season; Halladay and Burnett are in line for a combined $120 million over the next five years.

In other news, Troy Glaus has been out of action lately, but it's not due to his brittle nature, as most would surmise:

Toronto third baseman Troy Glaus missed Saturday's action after learning his wife was injured when she fell off a horse in Georgia.

On a depressing note, the horse, whose leg was broken as a result of the accident, was most likely euthanized.

Since I don't want to end this post on a downer, I'll quickly mention that the Blue Man Group is scheduled to perform the national anthems prior to the Blue Jays' opening game. It'll be the first time they'll perform the Canadian national anthem in public. Fingers crossed that Tobias Funke will be among the performers.