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Jay Bloggers' Roundtable, Part II

Part II of the roundtable is up on JABS. In this part, we look at the AL West and the fantastic side of baseball.

An excerpt:

JABS: Why do you think the young 'uns went earlier than usual? And I notice Kyle Lohse is 4-0 in the spring. When does he turn into Kyle Lohse?

PISTOL: Young players go higher than they should because expectations exceed realistic expectations. You may hear that Ryan Zimmerman will be the next Scott Rolen, but he's not going to reach that level for a few seasons, especially in the power department in RFK -- but someone will bid him too high. Lohse's peripherals looks the same as they always do. There's no reason to think he's any different now than he has been in the past. Wins are pretty meaningless for pitchers.