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Game Recaps: Cleveland at Toronto | Toronto at Houston - March 8

As if one game everyday weren't enough, the Blue Jays played twice yesterday. I'm not overly concerned with the Blue Jays poor spring training record, since I prefer to use spring training as a means to focus on individual performances instead.

W: J. Sowers (1-0)
L: A. Burnett (0-1)

Full Boxscore

In the first game, A.J. Burnett pitched rather poorly. He gave up four runs on five hits and one walk in three innings of work. Now, since it's spring training, he might have only been working on certain pitches in his arsenal, thus taking away from his effectiveness. On the positive side, he struck out four batters in three innings, while only walking one. If he keeps that up, the results will surely improve.

Also of note is how well Guillermo Guiroz has been swinging the bat, as he registered a hit, had an RBI, and scored two runs. If he keeps this up, it's going to be awfully difficult for the Blue Jays to cut him from their roster.

W: C. Janssen (1-0)
L: M. Rodriguez (0-1)

Full Boxscore

In the second game, Toronto finally won rather convincingly, defeating the Houston Astros 7-1. In this game, Toronto used a noticeably different lineup, mostly relying on its younger players. Among those who appeared in the game, only Gregg Zaun has a realistic hope of making the team. Does the result of this game suggest that younger players, who are in desperate need of showcasing their skills, are more apt to produce better results in spring training, or is the sample size too small? Well, it's likely a mixture of both. It's not that major league players aren't playing full throttle, it's more likely that they're focusing on improving one facet of their game at the expense of their overall performance.

As an aside, I'd like to mention something about yesterday's game between Canada and the United States, because I feel the occasion warrants it. Admittedly, I was somewhat skeptical about the WBC, but judging by the reactions of Canada's players following their victory, it's rather obvious that the event is being taken quite seriously by many of those involved. In fact, this victory only motivates the players on powerhouse teams such as the United States to elevate their level of play even further.

And did anyone notice that Phoenix Suns PG Steve Nash, who was in the stands, had a beer in his hand throughout the entire game? It seems as though the fans are enjoying themselves as well.