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Burnett injured... again

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A.J. Burnett was placed on the DL for the second time this season because of an elbow injury. According to the report on, Burnett's elbow injury does not seem severe. The team doctors had conducted a series of tests on his elbow and there doesn't seem to be anything abnormal about it. Burnett will visit elbow specialist Dr. James Andrew on monday to get more tests done on his elbow, to ensure that it is nothing serious.

Burnett said that his elbow felt similar to when his scar-tissue broke off during spring training, so it may be that his scar-tissue broke off for a second time. However, while scar-tissue breaking off after Tommy John surgery is common, it is rare that it breaks off twice in such a short duration of time. Let's just cross our fingers and hope that Burnett merely overreacted to it. John Gibbons and the Jays' management definitely think A.J. overreacted.

With Burnett on the disabled list, Toronto has recalled right-hander Shaun Marcum from AAA, who appeared in five games for the Jays last year without giving up a run. The reason Marcum was recalled instead of another starter was because the Jays sorely needed extra pitchers to night in the bullpen after the 12-inning affair last night. Marcum will slot in at the back of the Jays pen for the near future.

Once Burnett's rotation slot comes around, the Jays said that they might make further roster moves and bring in a starter from AAA, because the Jays want to keep Scott Downs in the bullpen. The likely candidates to get the call are Josh Banks and Casey Janssen.

Look on the bright side, at least this will give us an opportunity to see what these kids coming up are capable of.