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Game 21 of 162: Toronto at New York (A)

"The precious feeling of losing money! Nothing like it! Ecstasy!"

  - Fitzcarraldo (Herzog, 1982)

Tonight the Blue Jays travel to the Bronx to square off against the rival New York Yankees - they of the $194,663,079 payroll.

I'll be out of town until tomorrow night, hence the early game thread. I've had to resort to them a lot lately, it seems.

Roy Halladay (2-1, 3.60 ERA) vs. Jaret Wright (0-1, 7.20 ERA). 7:05 PM EST start.

Considering the pitching matchup, tonight's game offers the greatest chance at victory in this weekend's series.

Despite sporting identical 11-9 records, the Yankees have actually outplayed the Blue Jays this season, according to Pythagoras. The Yankees' Pythagorean Record is 14-6, while the Blue Jays' is 12-8. In fact, the Red Sox, who lead the division with a 13-9 record, only have a Pythagorean Record of 10-12. Consider each team's record in one-run games this season:

Red Sox: 5-1
Blue Jays: 1-1
Yankees: 0-4

That will likely even out as the season progesses, which bodes well for the Yankees, of course.

No lineups have been posted yet.