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Jay Bloggers' Roundtable, Part III

Part three of the roundtable is up on JABS. In this section, our focus is solely on the Jays.

An excerpt:

JABS: This two-pronged discussion has opened up a whole new avenue: Blue Jay bobbleheads we'd love/hate to see, and the more obscure the better. I'd opt for a Mark Lemongello that took a bite out of its own shoulder instead of just bobblin'.

JOEL: How about the George Bell Bobbleass? Suitably purple, of course.

CHRIS: While I like the Bobbleass (who thought that sentence fragment would come up in this blog?), I think Bell would be better suited to some kind of Kung-Fu action figure. I could see a whole series of BJ Toys streaming from Kung Fu George . . . how about GI-Johnson, complete with phony Vietnam papers, or Optimus Loiaza, who transforms from a pile of crap to a Cy Young candidate? As for bobbleheads, I'd like something with a sleeping Glenallen and his dream spider.