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Interview up at DRays Bay

Patrick Kennedy was nice enough to ask me some questions about the Blue Jays. The interview is posted at DRrays Bay, in case anyone would like to check it out. It took place prior to the season, so some of the comments (i.e. regaring Quiroz) are out of date.

An excerpt:

DRays Bay: The Devil Rays and the Blue Jays are actually in very similar positions if you think about it. Like the Jays last season, the Rays are spending a lot of money this offseason to upgrade their home stadium, and just generally overhaul and make the fan experience better. Being one step ahead of us, how did last season's renovations to SkyDome ( I.E. new scoreboards, et al) work out, and did they really help the fan experience at all?

Blue Bird Banter: The two biggest renovations, in my opinion, were the new scoreboard and, more noticeably, the switch from AstroTurf to FieldTurf. Apparently, the old scoreboard simply had to be replaced, because there were concerns about its ability to function properly for the whole season. As for the other big renovation, I was definitely in favour of the switch to FieldTurf; it resembles grass much more than does AstroTurf, whose neon green appearance damaged many a retina. Some other renovations included new video boards on the outfield walls and various seating upgrades. Overall, though, I don't think it has helped change the negative reputation that many fans have adopted towards it. Retro, old-fashioned ballparks are easily the most well-regarded, whereas the Rogers Centre is the complete antithesis of that. Personally, I enjoy attending games there, and I think once the team's performance improves, attendance, as well as the general perception of the stadium, should improve as well.