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Game 41 of 162: Blue Jays at Rockies

Josh Towers (1-7, 8.45 ERA) vs. Aaron Cook (4-3, 3.27 ERA). 9:05 PM EST start.

The Blue Jays kick off their interleague schedule against the suprisingly upstart Rockies. Although Coors Field has been somewhat of a hitters' haven in years past, it currently has a Park Factor (measured relative to runs scored only) of 0.934, which ranks 21st in the majors. To put that into some sort of context, consider their Park Factor rankings from 2001-2005:

Year     Rank (out of 30)
2001     2
2002     1
2003     4
2004     1
2005     1

Now, it's certainly possible (perhaps even probable) that this season's ranking is an aberration rather than a harbinger of what's to come. Moreover, the Rockies no longer rely solely on their once-vaunted offense, respectfully acknowledged around the sport as the Blake Street Bombers. Instead, a good chunk of their success can be attributed to the impressive play of their pitching staff, among whom tonight's starting pitcher, Aaron Hill, has been one of its main cogs.

Unfortunately, I once again won't be around tonight. My hope is to write a non-game post at least once every weeknight. But please don't fret, since my plan du jour is to make up for it this weekend.

Enjoy the game. Let's hope it'll be at least partially as entertaining as last night's.