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Game 42 of 162: Blue Jays at Rockies

Ty Taubenheim (No Record) vs. Jeff Francis (2-3, 3.26 ERA). 8:05 PM ET start.

Taubenheim will make his major league debut tonight. A mere five months ago, he was the overlooked piece of the Lyle Overbay trade, but he's excelled, both during spring training and his time with the Skychiefs. I'm wear that he can keep up the level he's established thus far during his brief stint with the Blue Jays, but I'm genuinely excited to see how he fares. Rox Girl from Purple Row recently wrote a good, brief description of him:

Ty was better as a reliever his first two professional seasons, than he has been since switching over to starting in the Milwaukee organization a couple of years back. This year in the IL he's got a low 1.36 ERA in eight starts, but his peripherals and splits indicate there's a lot of luck to that. In fact, that .098 BABIP for left handed batters is so flukey as to be surreal.

By the way, the Official Homepage of the Blue Jays has a funny, yet somewhat frightening, picture of Taubenheim posted on its front page. It's the same picture used for his player profile.